Tuesday, March 6, 2018

4 Eye-catching J-fashion Trends

Hello Cuties!~
Fifteen days of Winter remain before the arrival of Spring!  While I am excited, I'm sad to see certain winter trends and recent Japanese street trends go.  There are plenty of J-fashion trends to go around and I'd love to ramble on about all of them but today I'll share 4 of the most eye-catching looks on the streets today.
Dark Kawaii: Menhera + Yamikawaii
Now I know, I know "it's been around for a while now!"  But "dark kawaii" is gaining more takers with exposure.  Early this February, Tokyo Fashion shared a video project created by Refinery29.  The video talks about the taboos of mental health awareness / expression and focuses on the visuals of Menhera, Yamikawaii, and figures like Kuua Oyasumi.

Sheer / Tulle Skirts
Nothing like a nice sheer over skirt to set off a coordinate.  I noticed that most that incorporate elegant sheer skirts, combine them with contrasting styled pieces (like jeans, hoodies, tees, etc.).

Vintage Pieces
Vintage fashion has played a huge part in Harajuku street fashion seeing that vintage shops seem to be a crowd favorite with teens and young adults.  It seems to stay relevant in some way as other trends come and go.  Isn't it captivating?  Whenever I see street snaps of people in vintage lacy, airy layers of clothing, they appear to be from another time period just walking among simple people.

Über Long Coats
 I actually mentioned this trend in a previous post!  It's still a hit!  I think it can be argued that the sheath or narrow silhouette is definitely a trend as well.  There aren't too many cinched looks lately when it comes to outerwear.
I think out of all the trends, my favorites are vintage clothing and long coats.  Which trend catches your eye? 
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