Sunday, January 28, 2018

♡〜3 Cheers for the Birthday Girl〜♡

Hello Cuties!!!
     How long has it been since my last post?  I don't know why it feels like a century even though it had to have been maybe a week.  January is proving to be quite a busy time for me, I've been doing so much lately especially this past week.  So, I thought I'd tell you guys what I've been up to!
     I'm now one year older, I turned 25 on the 24th~  Although I worked on my birthday, I got to have lunch with my mom.  I had crawfish bread and crab stuffed beignets!  And a caramel pecan cheesecake slice aaahhh~   I also did some shopping that day but I'll share that separately.
     Finally got to reunite with Nhu!  She had so many funny stories about her trip to Asia (* ´艸`)゛.  We caught up over lunch and exchanged gifts from both of our birthdays and Christmas.  She left early December on a "trek" through Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea and Japan!  So this was a celebration for the both of us.  We met up at Drago's and ate fancily~ lol I had stuffed lobster and for dessert we shared crème brûlée; it was my first time trying it!
     After lunch, we headed for the mall nearby.  Surprisingly Nhu was up for pictures, it's not common for her to take them or include herself in them.  We perused a few shops but I actually didn't buy anything for once!
 * thank you Nhu for this cute pic!
halter top - Bobon21
sweater - thrifted
skirt - Ma*rs
lace shorts - American Eagle
purse - thrifted
shoes - Joe boxer
beret / accessories: off brand
     I took too long with my hair and outfit so make was sacrificed lmao.  However I did get to fiddle with all my newest makeup purchases and gifts!  I'm also all out of circle lenses BUT my green contacts will do for now.  One of my new cosmetic purchase was a new setting spray so I took a pic of my face after leaving the mall.  How is it?  Not too shiny I hope . . .
I had a lot of fun and I can't wait to see her again 
in February for her New Year festivities!
     Friday I got to see another high school friend!  Recently I got to see her at her own birthday dinner early January (I believe I mentioned it in a prior post).  That day she told me there was a restaurant she really wanted to bring me to for my birthday.  So Friday, Troyonna treated me to ramen at Nomiya!
• top - DreamV
jeans - off brand
• purse - Betsey Johnson
• shoes - Rue21
• accessories: Forever21
     Went for a soft magenta color with light pink inner corner and magenta under the eyes but . . . the light kinda washed that out (´_`)But on the plus side I wore the Toyoepin "natural cute" lashes again and I LOVE THEM  But back to Friday, I had never heard of Nomiya, so naturally I searched it.
     How cool is that?  And as for the Vietnamese aspect, New Orleans has a huge Vietnamese community so a lot of the culture prevalent in our city.  I believe the restaurant is Vietnamese owned.
 I love Magazine street~ Even though the parking is horrendous.
     I was psyched as soon as we walked in!  We got to sit in a cozy corner by the window~  The way the menu works is: pick your ramen flavor, pick extra toppings, then sides or dessert!  I ordered the geki - kara which is the spicy ramen; and boy was it spicy.  Troy got extra toppings with her order, including naruto fish cakes which I've never eaten . . . until today!
 * I had also never had soft boiled eggs before!
     The ramen was super flavorful!  And the egg was rather sweet but it complements it all very well, along with the seaweed and naruto fish cakes!  The pork was really good too.  Shockingly we had room for mango mochi lmao. I was so stuffed I didn't think I'd be able to eat it.  I can't wait to visit Nomiya again!
     Phew!  That's most of the adventures haha, I will share my gifts and gets in a separate post since this one is getting rather long.  Despite having to work Wednesday, Thursday and the weekend, I got to make the best of my birthday.  I really appreciate all of my friends!  Thank you to those who I got to share these days with, to those who gave me birthday wishes, and finally to you all for reading.

~ Love you!!! x Amiman ~


  1. Look at this beautiful Barbie babe! I'm so glad to hear you had fun on your bday! And you look absolutely gorgeous in your coords! Ahhhh you wore the lashes! I knew they'd look great on you! I will def find you some of their bottom lashes! Hopefully they'll get them in stock soon Dx

    1. 。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚+)゚。 *gets teary eyed* stop~ you spoil me~ It's my turn to treat you! And thank you again!! I love the lashes~ ♥♥♥
      - Amiman♥