Friday, February 2, 2018

Cosmetic gets & gifts!

Wow I'm really behind on posting ;;
I meant to post this last week but here are my recent
makeup purchases and gifts!
 First thing I got was the new Urban Decay primer potion in caffeine.
I'm still trying to see how I feel about it.  I have like really oily
skin, especially on my eyelids (and T-zone).  So I've still experienced
some creasing and oil breakthrough literally in the crease of my eye.
Now I'm not bashing it, I have noticed that my eyeshadow is lasting
longer than usual.  And there's not as much oil breakthrough /
creasing as I normally have with my previous eyeshadow primers.
Hence why I said "some" creasing.
With my Ulta gift card, I got some items I've been mulling over
for a while!  Well except for the mascara; it's just one I like to
repurchase.  What I've been in search of is a nice face primer
and finishing spray.  But I've been wanting to try out e.l.f's
face primer (this one is pore minimizing).  I reallly wanted to
try out Too Faced Hangover setting spray, but I didn't want to
spend the big bucks.  SO instead I picked up Makeup
Revolution's oil control fixing spray.  I haven't gotten to really
test it out yet.
Here's my new baby~
Anastasia beverly hills' Modern Renaissance
 My aunt came down to visit and celebrate our birthdays
and look what she got me!  An illuminated mirror!  It
flips and one side is magnifying, the clarity is insane.
Nhu's gifts from her trip!

cosmetic headband
Twicetagram albums (1 for my sis)
nature republic hand sanitizers
elephant summer pants
friendship tees
Tzuyu + GD standee and keychains
Exo standee
Twicetagram poster
My Melody compact mirror
Hello Kitty eyeglass case
Twice photocards
I know I said I'd chill on the spending buuuuut,
expect a haul video (if I go through with this order lol)

I'm excited for the next entry to the gyaru challenge!!
See you next post.
~ Love you! x Amiman ~


  1. Ahhhh such awesome gifts! I have heard some people put a base powder on top of primers to help set it. Maybe you should try that? It might help a little bit. And you gotta let me know how the e.l.f. primer works out! I'm not a huge fan of the wet n'wild dewy one I'm using currently and I can't afford my favorite Kat von D (my sister gave it to me cause she couldn't use it and I fell in love with it). So I need a good replacement xD

    1. Ah man don't you hate it when you get attached to something that's expensive, so when it runs out you're crying over the idea of repurchasing it lol. 'Tis why I try hard to find affordable but great quality items like eyeliner, concealer, finishing spray, etc. since these are the things that run out so quickly. BUT, WILL DO! I'll let you all know how the new things I'm trying are working out. (Ps. I tried applying / blending the UD primer with a brush and it made a huge difference!)
      - Amiman♥