Monday, December 18, 2017

My Gyaru Evaluation 👀 | Xmas Look sneak peek ♥

Welp Cuties it's the end of the year . . .
Can you believe it?  I'm in shock; where has the year gone!?
I never got a chance to join in on the "Gyaru Improvement meme"
so I decided, why not now?  I've collected pictures of my favorite
looks from each month of 2017.  Now that it's December, let's evaluate
my progress to see if I've improved!
Let's Evaluate!
It's hard to say (personally) if I've improved this year when I look
at the months consecutively.  Now in comparison to last year, yes
I've improved!  But throughout this year, my skills have been
inconsistent.  I started out really strong in January.  Perhaps I
didn't try hard enough, but when it's grouped together like this,
some of my looks appear to fall short or don't really "scream"
Gyaru to me.  Although, alone I love each one!
but that's just my opinion
But on a positive note, I think my eye make skills have definitely
improved.  I can say that I've branched out and tried new and creative
things.  And with the help of new products, I was able to achieve some
pretty cool looks.

In other news, I'm still struggling to not spend too much money.
Amy and I were desperate for some 'girl time' and some phở!
i love her~
Afterwards I was STUFFED but she was determined to get beignets!
 Y'all I couldn't take it but I managed to eat it all lmao
The messiness of this picture perfectly explains how that night went lol
 And so the "treat yourself" mentality continues~
I treated myself to beignets and coffee yesterday.
I love this place ♥ such a nice spot to relax.  Maybe
I'll bring my tablet and try to blog here one day!

Now, who wants to see a sneak peek of my Christmas look?
lol extra bokeh filter cuz I'm cheeky~
There's a "theme" to my Christmas look.  SO stay tuned~~~
~ Love you! x Amiman ~


  1. You are amazing. You always bring your top game so no worries ;o
    And I feel you on not trying to buy things....I should make a post showing all the stuff I went outta hand with buying xD
    That food looks so good :o

    1. LOL i would love to see your "collective haul"! Idk why I just love seeing what people buy, I guess it's because I end up adding more things to my wishlist that way xD yes that food was amazing I want to go back! I've gone to two new restaurants since then (TT) somebody stop me please lol
      And awww thank you, honey bunny~ ♥ 2018 will be our year though!!!
      - Amiman♥