Monday, December 25, 2017

🎄Xmas: Porcelain Dolly🎄

Hello Cuties~~!
It's Christmas day and I have a cutesy holiday look to share
with you ♥  The theme is:  "All I want for Christmas"
And all I've wanted since I was little were pretty porcelain dolls.
So I decided to turn into one ( ◞・౪・)
 I feel like this makeup definitely looked alot better in my head ;;
When I get my own house, or at least my own room, I'd love to
collect some vintage and porcelain dolls.  I tend to eye the ones
I see in thrift stores too but I have zero room for them at the moment.
Porcelain dolls are just so precious~  I love all the delicate lacy
and "royal-like" accessories you can adorn them with.  As a child
I did receive one porcelain doll on Christmas day!  It was beautiful,
with a complexion similar to mine.  She had loose curls and wore a
red satin dress~  I wish I still had her but I lost her in a flood.
I still remember unwrapping the box under the Christmas tree!
Taking these pictures was funny, my little sister helped me out.
 i LOVE this picture.  I figured this dress would suit the theme~
I love this dress so much it's so princessy.
Rundown ❄
cardigan - thrifted
dress - taobao (liz lisa replica)
shoes - taobao
accessories - Daiso, off-brand
The inspiration comes from Pidgin Doll
I saw this and thought it was gorgeous!
The thick black liner was fun to try and I also placed
the lashes on an upward angle so they wouldn't be "lost"
behind the eyeliner.  It seems like dolls' makeup is always
painted inwardly and on an angle.  Drawing the hair swirls
was entertaining too.  So do I look like a porcelain doll?
What did you guys receive or get to do today?
I got makeup brushes, candy, a gift card, pjs, lotions,
perfume, and unicorn slippers!
I hope everyone is doing well and feeling good.  Spend time with
the ones you love.  I've been down in my spirits as of late, but
after this week I'm happy I'm alive and getting better.
(whether mentally or physically)

If no one tells you enough, I love you you've done well~
- Amiman


  1. Merry Late Christmas!!!!
    You really do look like a doll!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!! Is it bad that I am usually creeped out by the vintage porcelain dolls? They're pretty but I never wanted to own them xD But you would make a gorgeous doll~<3

    1. ♥♥♥ You're so sweeeet!♥♥♥ And it's aye okay~~~~ I understand the creepy factor of vintage porcelain dolls lol especially since they constantly carry an eerie, possessed reputation in films! I can see it already, I'll become that old lady with an unnecessary amount of dolls and lacy pink things in her house (๑´ㅂ`๑) lmao
      - Amiman♥