Saturday, December 9, 2017

"How I'm Tryna Be"「Fall & Winter fashion inspo」

Hello Cuties!
It's very very cold here and I know many people
are experiencing first snow lately, and it's not even the first
day of winter yet!  Although work is taking away my free time,
whenever I have a day to go out with friends I plan to dress up.
Sometimes it works out, other times it doesn't.  Which leaves
me fantasizing about how I wish I could dress ever day.
aka: "How I'm tryna be" lol
I split these photos into 3 categories : cool, sexy, and sweet!
(sorry if any of these are repeated from previous posts it's
because I feel I haven't served these looks justice lol)
I still desperately want denim thigh high boots!
Even though I just said it's so cold, I really want to rock a full
kurogyaru look this Fall or Winter maybe
(with some skin colored stockings of course lmao)
I think this look would be cool if I used my ma*rs top in place
of the shirts used here.  I have the perfect distressed black
jeans too!
 This is honestly a staple look in my head lol
I'm serious about this cult party kei gyaru crossover!
One of my favorite pictures in the world! Carefree
kurogals in the snow Cute but idk if I could be in the snow
with bare thighs (´艸`〃)
I've yet to use this skirt the way I really want to TT
Lots of sweet looks lol. It's just the time to be fluffy and cute!

I just wish jobs wouldn't take so much of my time.  Also I wish
I could just land a nice job where I can dress up and not have to
wear a uniform, or be limited due to the physicality of my positon
Sorry for such a short post ;; like I said I've been short on time.
Until next post,
~ Love you! x Amiman ~


  1. All of these looks are GOALS & LOVE. also if you check out f21 they should still carry those denim boots. If not let me know and I'll pick up a pair for you.
    I absolutely adore the winter Liz Lisa looks. I don't know why the oversized sweaters and skirts work so well with their tall boots 😍
    And I hear ya on the job thing. We have the same wishes xD
    ~Kieli 💕

    1. Ikr! I love that combination of oversized sweaters and skirts too ♥ and omggg you're so nice but that's ok! Don't worry!
      Liz Liza truly thrives in the winter and fall, I think that's what I love about them most. When I first got into Gyaru and I saw their spreads I thought "wow it's possible to dress cutely in the winter?!" lol
      - Amiman♥