Tuesday, December 5, 2017

。:+Beignet Festival ☕+:。

Hello Cuties~ wah where has the time gone?
It's already December!  I've been spending most of my
time at work, and with it being the holidays, it gets hectic.
But! I was not going to let work keep me from
having some fun.  My mom suggested we all go check
out the Beignet Festival at City Park!
Even the weather was a little weird, overcast almost grey
sky and really chilly.  But we made the best of it and had a lot
of fun eating and dancing to the live bands playing.
I took a picture of the vendor list which included what
they were selling. Not sure if you can read it clearly but
there are some interesting flavors going on lmao.
Perhaps you're wondering:
What's a beignet?
It's a French pastry made of fried dough and topped
with confectioners sugar.  However these vendors got
a little creative with the traditional pastry.
The festival was divided by 3 types of beignets:
sweet, traditional, and savory!
I didn't get a picture of 2 specific beignets so I'm going
to include some from google lol
Cochon Beignets
smoked pork debris with beignets
*this one was SO good TT
credit: afrofoodiac
Crabmeat Beignets
beignet sandwich with lump crabmeat and tomato
Crawfish Beignets
beignet bites with a savory crawfish sauce
*also so delicious TT
Beignet Bites
bite size version of traditional beignets
(my sister and mom wanted these I was saving
room for all the interesting beignets lol)
Praline Beignets
praline filling and powdered sugar
*suuuper duper sweet omg
 Gulf Fish Beignets
literally stuffed with fish and served with some sauce
*seemed like something usually served with sushi
or tempura?
(my mom and sister tried that one lol I said "I'll pass. . .")
Cafe Creme Snoball
coffee snoball with condensed milk~ ahh~
* there was a beignet flavored snoball but I really wanted
the coffee one.  Coffee is usually served with beignets so that's
why coffee and coffee flavor was a frequently seen at the festival.
Oreo Beignets
That's right! A whole oreo wrapped in dough, fried,
and covered in powdered sugar.
Besides the food and music, a few shops were present as
well; ranging from paintings, to jewelry, to clothing!!
Some of the displays were really eye-catching.
 Crawfish earrings 。゚(TヮT)゚。
And the sign says they're real so that means they caught
them and somehow preserved and encapsulated the crawfish.
 Look at the skirt fringe made out of ties!
I loved their art! The skeleton is cute somehow lol
The Beignet Fest was a lot of fun, I'm happy I went!
Next year I'm going to go with some friends! Maybe then
we can plan for it and I'll look presentable lol.

Thank you for reading!  Until next post,
~ Love you!! x Amiman ~


  1. I had no idea you could fill them with so many different things!!! I want that snowball one though 😍
    ~Kieli 💕

    1. Legit, that's something I wish I could get everyone to experience. Anytime someone is visiting I bring them to my favorite snowball places~ SnoLa is one of my favs they create such interesting treats. There's one stuffed with tiramisu and topped with lady finger cookies! If you ever get to visit, I'm treating you to a snowball!!!
      - Amiman♥