Monday, September 18, 2017

Sunflower Fairy ギャル🌻 Make!

 Hello Cuties~
I have quite a few things to share with you!
This past Thursday I finally to do a fun makeup look
using my newest makeup gets!
Sunflower Fairy Gal ✨
I've had this look planned for months now!  I've had
this desire to do a flower inspired look, so I thought
what better flower than the sunflower before Summer
ends.  The last day of Summer is Sep. 22 lol I was cutting
it suuuuper close I know.
dress: forever21,  shoes: giani bini
Lots more pictures to come from this "mini
shoot" I had in my next post~ lmao
 I'm still in love with the style of these lenses
Products Used:
Colourpop "brady" - base color
MR Golden Bar "limited" - inner corner & crease
• matte brown eyeshadow - outer third of eyelid
Colourpop "slim fit, oh ship, criss cross" - crease
MR Golden Bar "block" - layered on outer third 
MR Golden Bar "wrapper" - inner third
Ulta Carnival "honey bee" - inner third
Nyx "gilded" - center lid
Nyc black liner & Nyx "vivid halo" liner
NickaK "brown" crayon - under eye
Lashes: Eyemazing no. 001 (top),
Diamond Lash sweet eye (bottom)
Lenses: Angel Color "chocolat" 
Canmake lip tint - "02 mango jam" & Nyx
butter gloss "cherry cheesecake"
I was dyiiing to try a double eyeliner look!
I kind of tempted a hairstyle lol
it's the "braided side buns" style?
Last week I got to hang out with Nhu and then Sarah
the next day.  Per usual, we grabbed lunch and shopped lol
I had the chicken tacos lol
Same dessert as last time and it still
was deeeeelicious~
Sarah and I went thrifting and had a cold sweet
treat afterwards~ I'm surely going to miss snowballs
during the fall and winter.
Lately I've been feeling pretty idle
soooo I got to crafting~
I haven't worn them yet but I like how they turned
out.  Maybe I could sell sets with more practice?
Speaking of crafting~~ Have you noticed our new
banner on the side?
٩(♡ε♡ )۶
so pretty~~~~
I hope you enjoyed this post and this Sunflower Fairy
look ♥ I want to do more flower inspired looks~
What's your favorite flower?

~Love you! x Amiman ~


  1. This has to be my top favorite look yet!!! I am like fangirling like crazy xD and YES MORE NAILS PLIS. I would buy a set!!!!

    1. Aahhh thank you so much!!! I truly want to try more "far out" makeup looks lol like I want to strike awe at first glance (T A T* ) so I'm working on ideas for future looks! (most likely Halloween will be my first chance to try something crazy). And hmmm I wonder if I could find tiny bunny cabochons for a special bunny nail set hehehe ^^
      - Amiman♥