Friday, May 5, 2017

Sunset Make | Colourpop Swatch Video! ♥

Hello cutie patooties~
Last night I got to editing and actually finished the swatch video before going to bed!
And I posted it earlier today~
As you may be able to see, I've changed where I film!

I got to use 3 of the eyeshadows from my mini Colourpop haul for this look!
I believe I used:
slim fit, making moves, and criss cross
By this being solely a swatch video, I didn't get to share my thoughts much.

While the shades are beautiful and the color payoff is great,
there is quite a lot of fall out with these eyeshadows.
But I expected such when I purchased these (from other's reviews and simply because pressed powders tend to do this).

At the moment they seem to work well with wet brushes if you really want to pack on the color and intensity.  They blend beautifully ok!
That may be my favorite quality to them.
Plus the shimmers are superb, as expected Colourpop always delivers with their shimmer eyeshadows.  The shimmer shades are very vibrant and velvety to the touch!

SO overall I like the eyeshadows, but I think I love their super shock shadow formula more.
The matte pressed powders are nice but tend to blend away super easily.  You have to work for it if you want defined colors and details!

I hope you enjoy this video~~
And as always, thank you for watching and reading!

Gyaru Valentines were posted and
whoever this sweetheart is, thank you so much!
Thank you for submitting this~
~ Love you!! x Amiman ~


  1. I always love your looks! And thank you for the review on the pressed powders. I was wondering if I should try them since I collect their super shocks xD But it's good to know how they are!
    Awwww that's so awesome that you got a gyaru valentine~ I need to start making mine cause I love so many gals ♥

    1. Kieli~~~ Thank you girl! So far I'm enjoying the eyeshadows. A friend recently asked what eyeshadow I was wearing and it happened to be these!
      Also omg same here!