Thursday, April 27, 2017

GC Day 2: Picture of yourself + 15 facts

Hello Cuties!

Today's post will be day #2 of the
30 Day Gyaru Challenge:
Pic of yourself + 15 Facts
I've decided to keep most of the facts Gyaru, J-fashion, makeup related lol

 photo tumblr_m53kxzaA1D1qk1or3_zpsrmoual6u.gif The first time I wore a full face of makeup was to my high school prom!
 photo tumblr_m53kyabAoR1qk1or3_zpsjxx2kdki.gif My first pair of circle lenses were Geo Super Nudy Grey
 photo tumblr_m53kyzjTGM1qk1or3_zpskaddmcqq.gif I'm still an avid wrestling fan and horror movie fanatic
(imagine a horror comic about gals set in Shibuya lol)
 photo tumblr_m53kynbkNs1qk1or3_zpsublbo12q.gif My favorite brands are: Liz Lisa, DaTuRa, Ma*rs, Nile Perch, Bobon21
 photo tumblr_m53kzcyx1l1qk1or3_zpsrisnvtyw.gif Styles that I desperately want to try at least once: fairy kei, menhera, lolita, party cult kei and himegyaru
 photo tumblr_m53kzpFuNt1qk1or3_zpseuei64nw.gif It's still my dream to own a d.i.a belt
(っ- ‸ – ς)
 photo tumblr_m53l02rU7G1qk1or3_zpsrnoetepj.gif My favorite hobbies are doing makeup, writing, decoden, shopping / thrifting and drawing
(maybe I should draw my own gal horror comic hmmm~)
 photo tumblr_m53l0bhdyu1qk1or3_zpsyb5z9ztv.gif I've attempted sujimori once, it was a FAIL lol never again
 photo tumblr_m53l0kTgz01qk1or3_zpsl304lakx.gif I've never gone to a Gal meet but I wish I could! I've never even had the chance to meet another gal in person
 photo tumblr_m53kxzaA1D1qk1or3_zpsrmoual6u.gif photo tumblr_m53kxk00TS1qk1or3_zpsqyyz4wvh.gif Before getting into Japanese fashion, I was that scene / emo kid
lord have mercy lol
 photo tumblr_m53kxzaA1D1qk1or3_zpsrmoual6u.gif photo tumblr_m53kxzaA1D1qk1or3_zpsrmoual6u.gif I own 8 Hello Kitty stuffed toys (but 17 items with her face on it in my room)
 photo tumblr_m53kxzaA1D1qk1or3_zpsrmoual6u.gif photo tumblr_m53kyabAoR1qk1or3_zpsjxx2kdki.gif I once painted a Sanrio / Hello Kitty themed stool for an art festival.  It sold so quickly and my art teacher said so many people were asking about it
 photo tumblr_m53kxzaA1D1qk1or3_zpsrmoual6u.gif photo tumblr_m53kyzjTGM1qk1or3_zpskaddmcqq.gif When I was younger I thought I would be in fashion design in college. I had a binder of clothing designs that I would carry around in middle school.
 photo tumblr_m53kxzaA1D1qk1or3_zpsrmoual6u.gif photo tumblr_m53kynbkNs1qk1or3_zpsublbo12q.gif My current favorite items of clothing are my liz lisa replica dress and pink suspender skirt
 photo tumblr_m53kxzaA1D1qk1or3_zpsrmoual6u.gif photo tumblr_m53kzcyx1l1qk1or3_zpsrisnvtyw.gif My favorite Gal models are: Yun, Manya, Aina Tanaka, Izumi Mana, Reika Aiba, Natsuko Matsumoto, Harutamu, Pomitan, Yunkoro, Miyashita Mao, and Himena
( #♡3♡ #)

I hope you learned some new things about me~
I feel like I've said the same facts over and over on tumblr, so I tried really hard to think of things you might not know about me!

Hope everyone is having a great week
~ Love you!! x Amiman ~


  1. I love geo lenses they really are some of my faves. A gyaru horror movie comic sounds like the best thing ever! Gyaru's can use their false nails as self defense c: I also was that emo kid too...

    Was nice learning more about you <3

    1. Omg YES! That's definitely going down in the "ideas" journal lol The more I think about this horror comic, the more excited I am to start drawing~

      And lolll I think a lot of the emo kids eventually came to Japanese fashion ((●≧艸≦)
      Thank you for reading!
      - Amiman♥

  2. Aw I love this post! Just makes me love you more and more. I know how you feel on never been at a gal meet or meeting another gal. I wanna see gals in person so bad. Even if just hanging out for the day, it would be great!

    1. *runs to hug you* (っ´▽`)っ wish i had teleportation powers!!
      - Amiman♥