Monday, April 24, 2017

DEJAPAN: Japanese online stores & international shipping

Hello Cuties~
Last weekend I was emailed by a representative of DEJAPAN
DEJAPAN is a proxy shopping service for Rakuten, Yahoo! Auctions, Amazon Japan and other sites!
I decided to accept their offer to review their services!

What makes them different is that they don't charge commission
(basically a service fee).
They also mention that they have native English speakers on their team.
So far I can tell their customer service is great, but I will save all this for the soon to come review.

I'm very curious about them since I don't think I've ever heard about them before.

♡Here's what I ordered♡
I'm in desperate need of nice / cute blouses
so I picked the rounded collar!
I wanted the ribbon collar and the sailor collar buuut I figured the frilly collar would fit into more coordinates.
I picked the pink of course lol

I wanted to try using DEJAPAN to order from Yahoo! Auctions
but I was afraid of going over the coupon amount they offered me while bidding.
Perhaps in the future time, I could order from the auctions with my own money

In other "purchases news", I finally got my hands on Black Opal's finishing powder!
The CVS near my house restocked the Black Opal shelf so I decided to try the powder in "Medium".
I'll use this to set my highlighted areas when I'm contouring~
I want to switch from the e.l.f finishing powder
I think it may be washing me out on camera

In other-other news~
I've recently joined the Amino app!
I joined just for the Gyaru community ♥
It's a space for gaijin gals to chat, post, share photos and ultimately gain friends and advice!
I've only been on for about a week but I'm enjoying myself;
everyone is so kind and helpful~
It makes me so happy to see all the gals~ I had no idea there was such an active social community!
Most of the gals I knew have disappeared from tumblr and I barely use facebook so this is great!!
If any of y'all are members, don't hesitate to come say hi~
Let's become mutual followers! I want to make all the gal friends in the world!
~Love you!! x Amiman~

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