Wednesday, April 19, 2017

♡MOC Day 10: Inspired by a Music Video♡

Hello my Cuties~
Today's post makes the last entry to the "10 Day Makeup Challenge"!
Inspired by a Music Video

The video I took inspiration from is
Red Velvet's "Rookie" !

*Not meant as a Gyaru look but I had fun creating this!
This is my second time attempting the "neon" makeup trend.
I think I did an okay job!

Now you might be thinking:
"How did you get this from Rookie?"

To me there's a lot of pinks, blues, and yellows repeated through the video.
Especially the first room scene! (well at least these are the colors that jumped out to me)

The "flower boy"!! Idk why i love it!

There's also the scene when the girls and the flowerboy are in spaceships!
I love that part a lot too~

And thus, my look was born~ lol
Based off my favorite aspects, I got this colorful, alien, alternate universe vibe from Rookie.
x Too Faced - "Totally Fetch" (crease)
x Ruby Kisses - white liquid liner
x Nicka K - pink lip liner (waterline)
x (under eye:) I ♥ Makeup - "Celebrate"
(mixed w/ powder blue eyeshadow and black to deepen it)
x Nyx Vivid Brights - "Halo" (faux freckles)
x Nyx Prismatic eyeshadow - "Gilded" (inner corner)
x Makeup Revolution Shimmer Brick - Radiant (highlight)

So, this was supposed to be accompanied by a video. .
But technology was against me yesterday!
When I set up my camera to film, it died.
So I tried filming with my iphone, I thought it was going great until after I finished my makeup.
I went to look at the footage and most of the videos were corrupted and showing up as blank white screens.

I've been downloading program after program, in attempt to salvage the footage since last night.
Buuut nothing's working so far.
My friends are saying I should redo the look, so I'm considering it~

Sorry about all of this~
Hopefully my next post won't be such a flop lmao

~ Love you!! x Amiman ~

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