Saturday, November 26, 2016

1 Point 2 Coords pt. 2!

Hi cuties!
How are your holidays / vacation time so far? I'm enjoying my self and eating lots of food before the holiday season starts at work.
I'm seriously nervous about going back to this hectic workplace . . . 
But enough about that ~ I'm here to share another 1 Point 2 Coords post !
This is post #2 out of 3
Today's point item is a black skater skirt!
• hat - taobao
• wig - ebay
• blazer - thrifted - forever21
• top - ebay
• skirt - charlotte rousse
• stockings / tights - forever21
• shoes - H&M
• necklace - rue21

A really casual coordinate (*´-`*) it makes me feel kind of mature lol

• wig - taobao
• hoodie dress - gift (but i think ebay)
• skirt - charlotte rousse
• thigh highs - offbrand (walmart)
• boots - thrifted
• choker - hottopic
• floppy hat - offbrand (pretty sure i got it at walmart)

I added the hat to give this a more sexy mature feel, versus the hoodie which gives it a cutesy vibe.
There's just ooone more post to go! I like doing these "one point" posts because they really do help me learn to use my clothing in different ways . Sometimes I have the habit of using one item the same way over and over; which makes me feel like you've seen the same outfits repeatedly and I don't want that lol
(#`ε´# )ゞ
I hope everyone enjoys the upcoming holidays! Eat yummy food and cakes, have fun with family and enjoy yourself ~
~ Love you!! x Amiman ~

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