Monday, November 21, 2016

♡MOC Day2: Favorite Lip Products!ॱ॰⋆♡

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Hello dolls!
I'm back with another entry to the makeup challenge I started last week.  I realized I should have shown you guys the whole list; so here it is!
The first entry was "Cut Crease"; here's the link if you missed it!
Some of the challenges have pretty vague names, right? I really want to just tell you what I'm planning for each entry but that's no fun lol
When you look at the challenge title, just thing gyaru, think "how could this relate to gyaru style?"
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Day 2: Favorite Lip Products
This past year I've gone kind of crazy with buying lipsticks, lip creams, and glosses.  Everywhere I looked I saw matte liquid lipsticks! Before this year I had never tried matte lip products but as the trend grew so did my curiosity and obsession with the matte look. But I still have love for the glossy look! And I'm only just starting to "dip my toe" into the whole metallic lip look. There's just soooo many different lip products from different brands to try! But in this post I will just talk about my favorites~

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Colourpop's Honey B
 Honey B is from their "Ultra Glossy" line! Colourpop describes this gloss as a vivid magenta in a Crème finish. It's soooo smooth and the color pay off is ridiculous lol Like ridiculously good of course. I usually apply it on the bottom lip and press my lips together to create a gradient look since the color is very vibrant.

Milani's Beautiful
This is from Milani's Amore Matte Lip Crème line! Even though I got this recently I really like it! It smells sweet and warm~ "Beautiful" is described as a true red. I love the color and the look of the matte finish, but it is strangely drying for a lip crème. It's also hella staining on the lips buuut it's all good lol I wore this for a few hours before and it help up nicely for me.

Colourpop's More Better
 More Better is from the Ultra Matte line! It's described as deep violet wine. God this color is gorgeous~ I used to feel like this color was loud but now I realize it's a rich color without being overbearing.
Colourpop's Limbo
I wanted to take more pictures like I did above but by the time I wiped "more better" off, my lips felt like they were on fire lol Plus this last one is almost empty and I don't want to use it yet ;;
So here are pictures of previous times that I've worn it. 
 Limbo is described as deep chocolate brown, and it's basically a nude color for me lmao! I love it so much though! This year I because obsessed with the thought of brown lipsticks and I'm still quite obsessed. Colourpop just came out with an even darker brown matte lipstick called Embellish and OMG i want it.
Honorable Mentions
lovely lip products that I enjoy but didn't make the "favorites" cut:
• Nyx - Praline
• Nyx - Toasted Marshmellow
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Despite the inferno on my lips, I hope you enjoyed this post! I'm enjoying tackling and posting these challenges for you guys. (remember they won't be posted consecutively though)

The next challenge is Femme Fatale ~ Ponder on that one for a while lol
~ Love You!! x Amiman ~
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  1. Yay! Thank you for the list! When I knock off at least one of my challenges, I want to do this one!
    I absolutely adore Honey B and Limbo on you!
    I wanna try at least one matte one but I keep getting glosses xD
    Im dying to know what the next post will be. Im sure it'll be gorgeous 😍

    1. Ah thank you~! Thank you for making me smile :) Hehee switching styles can be tough when you really love it, I know how you feel~ And I can't wait for you to see it too; I hope I do well!