Tuesday, July 5, 2016

♡Himekaji look + makeup + gets!♡

Hey beach babes~
It's been a while~ I've been busy with work ;;
I did a cute himekaji look recently !
 photo tumblr_inline_mlf1msXIJn1qz4rgp_zpsxzfxbemi.gif
 photo IMG_2351_zpsf1t1oroh.jpg
- halter top : taobao
- off the shoulder top : h&m
- skirt : forever21
- shoes : betsey johnson
- accessories : off brand

 photo tumblr_inline_mlf1mpxcRK1qz4rgp_zps1boagy4u.gif
 photo IMG_2301_zpsdiiukwlv.jpg
 photo IMG_2298_zpsqajxklzf.jpg
( i was really happy with my eyeliner lol )

 photo IMG_2362_zps6e1jfse4.jpg
I recently bought some new makeup products and finally put them all to use~
Here I'm using Nyx's loose glitter in the color "Rose" and Colourpop ultra matte lipstick in "limbo".
The glitter was a lot of fun to use, but I had tiny specks of glitter on my face for 2 days lol
And with that, let's move onto recent purchases!
this is the glitter I used for my makeup
I'm hoping to try a glitter cut crease look soon!
I feel like this was forever-ago but, I made my first Colourpop purchase!
I didn't realize that I hadn't uploaded the pics of what I got!
 photo get2_zps6gem2es3.jpg
I bought 3 eye shadows and 2 ultra matte lipsticks :
- bae , sequin , animal
- limbo , more better
 photo get3_zpskj64saf8.jpg
 photo get4_zpsdehzlpg8.jpg
The packaging is just so nice~~
 photo get5_zpssve0gcc5.jpg
they're so smooth and soft omgggg
like it's not powder wtf is it idk but it's amazing
I can't wait to make my next purchase~ I love the cute notes they send.
 photo get1_zpsbzug3jut.jpg

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