Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tutorial: Blu(e) Raspberry Lemonade (♡ε♡ )

Hello guys! I'm back with my second attempt at a makeup tutorial~
(✧ ꒪◞౪◟꒪)

It's more of a pictorial since I've yet to try to record myself doing makeup (I don't even have a spot to film in or a tripod for my camera soooo)

You can view the full and hd picture of this on my tumblr !
Now I will go step by step 👌
 photo 7ZJQh1_480_zps6726769f.gif After priming , apply a "cool" tone blue eyeshadow on the eyelid. Here I am using my "Beauty Gems fashion favorites kit"
 photo 2 blue_zpsxoiuszc7.jpg
 photo 3 blue_zpsvpvlf6pg.jpg

 photo bZJQf9_480_zps2e17cc97.gif Blend a dark teal color into the outer corner and crease of the eye. I'm using the shade "earl grey" from Too Faced bon bons palette. Then line the eyelids with liquid liner.
 photo 4 earl grey_zpsytei4m5l.jpg
 photo 5 outer corner - liner_zps5ed3occe.jpg

 photo 1ZJQef_480_zps59cbb85c.gif Apply upper lashes! I'm using Eyemazing no.004
 photo 5-2 lashes_zpshir5agzm.jpg
 photo 6 upper lashes_zpsxty0o4se.jpg

 photo eZJQd1_480_zpsb013b0f8.gif On the outer corner, apply a dark brown color beneath the lash line. Line just the middle of the waterline with a black pencil liner.
 photo 7 lower lash line dark brown - water line liner_zpszngmxafc.jpg

 photo 3ZJQb5_480_zpse43a5d79.gif With a fluffy brush, apply a champagne color to the inner corner of the eye. Here I'm using "satin sheets" from Too Faced. Next, apply a yellow eyeshadow or liquid liner beneath the lower lash line. I finally got my hands on Nyx's vivid bright liquid liner.
 photo 8 yellow liner - inner eye satin sheets_zpsmxkt8ciq.jpg

 Finally, apply lower lashes and add liquid liner to the inner corner of the eye. Drag the liner out to a triangular shape.
( I made the mistake of using black eyelash glue for the bottom lashes ;; that wasn't a good idea since it took away from the yellow liner. Plus it makes everything look a little messy) (;Ծ⌓Ծ;)
♡ Finished look! ♡
So how is it? Did I do an okay job? I hope you try this look out, I had lots of fun creating this look!
See you next post!