Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Seasonal Coord Inspo!

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I wanted to make a separate post for this~
I'm just so excited about cooler weather!
It's fun to layer items for coordinates
and my makeup and hair doesn't go through the hell that is humidity
The purpose of this post is to give inspiration for coordinates for each season, for almost every sub gyaru style!
hope you enjoy~~

✧Spring / Summer✧

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 photo 1_zpsb0df6fbe.png
 photo 11_zpse63db7a7.png
 photo 9_zps7400dbe7.png
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✧Fall / Winter

 photo 22_zps7dd0209b.png
 photo 20_zps648d3eda.png
 photo 242_zpsbc8eeee5.png
 photo 232_zps6b12c058.png
 photo 23_zps0eae5cbc.png
 photo 24_zpsc934e025.png
 photo 21_zpsf98c22fb.png
 photo 252_zps597f4108.png
 photo IMG_2665_zps12d5d991.jpg
 photo 25_zps9e09b823.png
 photo 27_zps4496b0a3.png
I've never thought about using a hat like this in Rokku coords, but I really like this look!
 photo 26_zpsfcc701ac.png
 photo tumblr_n0nkrbHCyn1qdi8pfo1_500_zpsa601b238.jpg
 photo tumblr_n6umivmN581rpzh9xo10_400_zps04f286d6.jpg
Can you tell how excited I am for fall and winter?!
I hope this was useful~~
See you next post!
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