Saturday, October 11, 2014

Coordinate Spam! (it feels good to dressup again)

Hello dear!

my god I'm so bad at updating here (that rhymed)

But I have lots to show you!

 photo tumblr_inline_n1h5k1hzyL1qk1or3_zpsebff0cfb.gif photo tumblr_inline_n1h5mnVWUP1qk1or3_zps5856f356.gif photo tumblr_inline_n1h5k7dvDq1qk1or3_zpseb4fb357.gif photo tumblr_inline_n1h5kjh2N71qk1or3_zps45f3daa5.gif photo tumblr_inline_n1h5nhJLI71qk1or3_zps76f4694f.gif

 photo IMG_2829_zps807cbb7e.jpg
 photo IMG_2831_zps2a211347.jpg
 photo IMG_2823_zpsceea4ab1.jpg
 photo IMG_2815_zps24afb887.jpg
makeup look with my new Angel brown lenses~
 photo IMG_2832_zps04564511.png

(I wore a maxi-dress but failed to take a picture of it -__-)
 photo IMG_2861_zpsdc871dfc.jpg
 photo IMG_2870_zps775448b4.jpg
pretty simple makeup with my other new lenses, Eos Candy brown!
 photo eoscandyeyes4_zps89c7ca35.gif
 photo eoscandyeyes5_zpsf776b8ff.gif
the gifs: window lighting/indoor lighting
 photo IMG_2889_zps9e5ad0e4.jpg
outdoor lighting!!
(I'm going to make a separate post reviewing both lenses right after I post this one!)

 photo IMG_2843_zpsec2927da.jpg
 photo IMG_2850_zpsb1519b11.jpg
(ahhh I really liked this coord but it was too dark for proper pictures)

 photo IMG_2983_zps02d0cb9d.jpg
 photo IMG_2982_zps6d052de1.jpg
 photo IMG_2929_zps9a1698de.jpg
Finally wore my Bobon21 shirt from taobao!!~ I love it so much 

Onee (again!!)
 photo IMG_2988_zps8de32c94.jpg
 photo IMG_2989_zpsd4300f88.jpg

 photo IMG_3027_zpse238d830.jpg
 photo IMG_3021_zps96bf3429.jpg
I love, love, loved this coord! It was my first time wearing the spike garters so I learned the hard way that you can't really cross your legs while wearing them ( p_q)
I'd also like to trim my legs because the garters make them look gross

 photo IMG_3044_zps8285ee15.jpg
 photo IMG_3054_zps151056bf.jpg
 photo IMG_3050_zps83a04b5f.jpg
What would you guys call this? hmm.....

 photo IMG_3086_zps14787c7e.jpg
 photo IMG_3123_zps3a452f7f.jpg
one of my new dresses!
In love with it~~~

 photo DSCN2282_zpsd317e0ad.jpg
 photo DSCN2286_zpsb8250709.jpg
 photo DSCN2289_zpsf295dfb5.jpg
I had fun with this coord! I thought of 96gals for inspiration~

There's not much going on lately with me
except for school and work 。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚)゚。
midterms kicked my ass but I always feel that way
But OH!
Nhu came to school with bubble tea for me!

 photo IMG_2794_zpscd9cd358.jpg
She said she picked it since purple is my favorite color~~ The flavor is Vietnamese Yam!
vietnamese yams are actually purple holy crap

In other news, I'm getting my Halloween costume together
(are you guys dressing up this year?~~)
Next week is fall break so I can finally relax !!
I can't wait!

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