Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Egg inspired coord, New circle lenses & gets!

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Hellooo~~ (o˚̑̑̑̑̑ 3˚̑̑̑̑̑ o)
Sorry I haven't updated in a while  photo tumblr_inline_mzmxtjtWeX1qid2nw_zps26a2fe1d.gif

a lot has been happening lately
for one I haven't been feeling well..
I was in the E.R this past weekend (oT-T)尸
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but don't worry I'm getting better each day!  photo tumblr_inline_mzmxtgWO1a1qid2nw_zps13029d9a.gif
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So I have quite a lot to share!
I wanted to share a coordinate inspired by the street snaps in Egg magazine!
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Nothing too special
but since I'm feeling a bit better now, I will dress up more often
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I've purchased a lot since I've last posted~
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I'm excited about the fall/winter because I can wear darker lip shades!
 photo IMG_2680_zps84cc964b.jpg
 photo IMG_2682_zps4273f806.jpg
 photo IMG_2681_zps832a4ffd.jpg
I loooove the names so much
I can't wait to wear them!
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I really like my new shorts~ I got them on sale for $5!!
I also picked up some e.l.f products!
A brush cleanser, some neutral eye-shadow I intend to use for contouring/highlighting, and mascara
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 photo IMG_2712_zpsee63d71f.jpg
 photo IMG_2717_zps9a3fb1a4.jpg
I got the fitted star dress, knee highs and the Barbie sweater at Forever 21!
the sweater is soooo soft omg
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Guess what else I have???
 photo newblink_zpsb1f78e36.gif photo T2DqIHXkVXXXXXXXXX_103728947_zps44c63289.gif
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New circle lenses!
 photo IMG_2782_zps56106f96.jpg
Geo Angel Brown!
 photo IMG_2783_zpsba196a7b.jpg
Eos Candy Brown!
And I got rubber tip tweezers as a free gift
I've always wanted a pair!
I also picked this up before my lenses arrived
 photo IMG_2775_zps4195b6a1.jpg
I got this as a surefire way to get my lenses clean/disinfected before I use them!
This was my first time ever trying this so I was easily entertained and fascinated by watching the solution do its job 。゚(TヮT)゚。
 photo IMG_2788_zps174b174a.gif photo IMG_2787_zps6efdea26.gif
I made gifs! Look at the bubbles go!!!
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I'll do a review on these very soon!
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Oh! I tried bubble tea for the first time!
I bought Mocha and the tapioca balls were quite an experience omg
I got it at the bubble tea shop right outside the Hong Kong food market where I splurged on all of this
I'm ashamed haha

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  1. hope you're feeling better <3 i was thinking of buying that barbie sweater, awesome post! : )

    1. thank you so much! I am feeling better & omg you should buy the sweater~~