Sunday, August 31, 2014

Coords and Giveaway!

How are you guys~~~
the second week of school is over now!
Thank God but I'm sad summer is over 

I have a lot to share!
So leeeet's go~

 photo 0820_zpsab16eb9a.jpg
 photo 0820-2_zps14178c57.jpg
 photo 0820-4_zps901da3cb.jpg
 photo 0820-5_zps9e969e24.jpg
finally got to wear my new shoes~~
(it was a bad idea to break them in on campus)
Kuro/96 gal
 photo 0822_zps528fe1e6.jpg photo 0822-2_zpsc322cb73.jpg
 photo 0822-3_zpsc0abcab5.jpg
 photo 0822-6_zpsc624511a.jpg
I had a lot of fun creating this coord! I wore the bow top and the shorts to school then decided to have fun once I got home (ˆ⌣ˆԅ)
 photo 0822-4_zps21d7f619.jpg
 photo 0822-5_zps0a92f6b1.jpg
I bought a new wig!! I really like it a lot
 photo 0825-5_zpse3a71b70.jpg photo 0825-6_zps6381959f.jpg
 photo 0825-7_zps1069bed2.jpg
 photo 0825-3_zps513422b0.jpg
I used my new lower lashes! I hope to get upper lashes that compliment them more!
 photo tumblr_nay5puUuQh1rxqtvfo2_r1_250_zps9fbccafe.gif
 photo tumblr_nay5puUuQh1rxqtvfo1_r3_400_zpsacf6700c.gif
I made weird gifs (ーー;)

Oh! Remember that box from last post?
 photo giveaway_zps548e9bc8.jpg
I've started a giveaway on tumblr!~~
((click the liiink))
Follow me and join my giveawayyyy
see you next post!

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