Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Process of Taobao!!

Taobao Tutorial~
I hope I do an okay job at explaining this process

The shopping service I used was Taobaoring
The site looks kind of weird at the moment,
I guess they're remodeling it....
trust me when I used the site, it was perfectly fine and easy to follow!

1. Once you've made and account with Taobaoring,
you can browse taobao!
There's tons of things to buy!
If you don't have your mind set on anything specific before searching, check the taobao tag on tumblr to see what people are finding and buying ・ω・

2. Here's a few search terms I usually go for:

蝴蝶结连衣裙 - bow dress
牛仔背带裙 - denim strap dress (cute jumpers)
猫耳帽 - cat ear hat
iphone外壳香水 - iphone perfume case
日本睫毛 - false lashes
小恶魔ageha - gyaru style clothing (rokku, kuro, and some agejo) (shop with lots of agejo/Ma*rs and himekaji style)

But when in doubt,
fiddle around with google translate! that's what I do

3. After finding your desired items,
keep them in separate tabs or keep the links saved in a folder or somewhere.
Then on Taobaoring click the "quick order" tab
In the picture they show you what you should do with your links.
☺copy the link to the item you want
☺paste the link in the box under " *Item Link"
☺ press Get It !
☺ the page should bring up a picture of them item with places to make specific selections like "size", "color", and "quantity"
☺ there's also a spot to add comments about your order for the agents to see

4. I can't remember exactly how this part went at the moment, but,
once you've completed making your order
under the tab "Order List"
you can see statuses that the order will go through.
After making the order you must "await user confirm",
then once it's confirmed they'll await your first payment;
I opted for using paypal!
Once the first payment is made, the agents will start purchasing your items.
If in the case that any of the items are out of stock, they will let you know before you make payment.
After all the items have been purchased and have made it to their building, the people at taobaoring take photos of the items, which you can view under "order list".
After that, you make a second payment which is for shipping.
Then you wait for the package to be sent to you!
(I forgot to mention at some point while making your order, you get to choose which type of shipping you want to use.  I chose EMS; this came with a tracking number.)

phew! well I hope that made sense ....
I'm afraid I'm not too great at explaining things
sorry if this was confusing~~

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