Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Himekaji coord & makeup!

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I decided to get dolled up to cheer myself up yesterday
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After watching these tutorials:
(click the links)
I got inspired!!

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 photo tumblr_lx6zbh3NZh1ql6slc.gif photo tumblr_lx6zchzfLa1ql6slc.gif photo tumblr_lx6zbkLp0l1ql6slc.gif photo tumblr_lx6zbnErSq1ql6slc.gif
Himekaji style~
 photo IMG_1949_zps07119983.jpg
 photo IMG_1951_zps57f2e690.jpg
 photo IMG_1954_zps54cf7411.jpg
 photo IMG_1947_zpsacbb6df8.jpg
I finally wore my Bobon21 shirt!

Gyaru Makeup Pixel photo gyaruedit.gif
 photo IMG_1928_zps4449542a.jpg
 photo IMG_1931_zpsc2a55444.jpg
hmmmm not sure why my lashes look so different in certain angles but
these are my new upper lashes from eBay!
I love them (´⌣`ʃƪ)

 photo IMG_1944_zpsa676cef7.jpg
I had fun!
I'm going to laze around for my few weeks of freedom~~
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