Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Skincare Routine & Gets!

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How do you like the new look??
Eventually I'll change the header but I'm entirely too lazy to do it at the moment

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ok! so I decided to make this post because I've been thinking of starting a skincare routine! My skin now-a-days hasn't been in it's best shape.  And after hearing about so many others' skincare routines I've decided to try my best at keeping up with one myself!
Along with skin routines I watched a few other helpful videos~

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I also wanted to share my recent gets from the thrift store and forever21!
 photo IMG_1990_zps3b1a6955.jpg
 photo IMG_1998_zps9f32714b.jpg
 photo IMG_1995_zps62078976.jpg
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it's bunnies~~~
 photo IMG_1996_zpsa097a98e.jpg
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I tried to capture the true colors of the skirt and cardigan but sadly I couldn't..

Well! I still have a little bit of time before school starts
so I'll try to enjoy this time off from work and classes while I can
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