Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Taobao & eBay orders finally here!

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Sorry about taking a while to post this
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Buuut~ guess what I finally got my hands on?

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my taobao package~~~

Sorry about all the photos, they're taken with my phone because my camera is still dead.
My sister filmed me opening it but she's not the best camera operator and I can't turn the video the right way for viewing on this blog
like the video is literally sideways so you'd have to turn your head to the side just to watch
...I wouldn't do that to you guys lol

anyway~~ here are the items!
 photo IMG_1784_zpscab0a04e.jpg
 photo IMG_1823_zpse2710811.jpg

I love the shirts I got from Bobon21!
the detailssss
 photo IMG_1824_zps81131b9d.jpg
 photo IMG_1825_zps9aa822dc.jpg
 photo IMG_1826_zps3c8d4605.jpg
Everything fits perfectly!!
The heart top came with a pink halter kind of top to wear underneath
but I think I'll buy a white bandeau to wear under it instead
 photo IMG_1786_zps5ddde9d0.jpg
The garters are adjustable on the back
I had it adjusted to its widest to accommodate my gross thighs
they cut into my thighs just a bit
I hope it's not too unflattering áƒš(´﹏`ლ)
I should prob start working out again
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But my shoes on the other hand
*₊˚⁎fit like a dream*₊˚⁎
 photo IMG_1812_zpsd2532fb0.jpg
 photo IMG_1814_zps3e29f7c1.jpg
I ordered my shoes in the size 41
(I'm a size 9 or 9 1/2 here)

I received my other items from eBay as well!
 photo tumblr_inline_n1h5kyQu3F1qk1or3_zps36802fc1.gif photo tumblr_inline_n1h5kjh2N71qk1or3_zps45f3daa5.gif photo tumblr_inline_n1h5nnBHbw1qk1or3_zpse6c2ffe9.gif photo tumblr_inline_n1h5nhJLI71qk1or3_zps76f4694f.gif
 photo IMG_1790_zpse19ba27b.jpg
new boots!
I had to replace my old ones after I threw them away

 photo IMG_1830_zps61ec1d2e.jpg
elf high definition powder & new lashes~~~
I think I might save like 3 or 2 pairs for a later time
(I'm thinking of doing a giveaway one day~)

 photo IMG_1831_zps124d34bf.jpg
 photo IMG_1833_zps0cb151e6.jpg
a new belt yaayyy~~
 photo T2NuAGXeFaXXXXXXXX_103728947_zps2fb9f631.gif
because I'll never crack and buy a real d.i.a belt for over $100
unless you guys know where I can buy one that doesn't cost an arm and two lungs????

I'm waiting for my bottom lashes to arrive in the mail!
I can't wait to try both of my new lashes together!!

I also bought this little sun visor to keep the sun from cooking my face when I'm out and about
 photo IMG_1834_zpsa6f3c6b1.jpg
I figured since it's zebra print, I can work it into kurogyaru coords

 photo tumblr_inline_n1h5k1hzyL1qk1or3_zpsebff0cfb.gif photo tumblr_inline_n1h5mnVWUP1qk1or3_zps5856f356.gif photo tumblr_inline_n1h5k7dvDq1qk1or3_zpseb4fb357.gif photo tumblr_inline_n1h5kjh2N71qk1or3_zps45f3daa5.gif
 photo IMG_1862_zps665f0d37.png
 photo IMG_1861_zps0fd7cc93.png
96gal coordinate with my new belt
(the shoes are also new!! they're low sensible wedges for everyday wear!)

I basically have 2 weeks of freedom before school starts
I really don't want to go back
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btw I'll do the breakdown post of how I made my taobao order next post
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