Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rokku Coords & Gets~・*。゚o。♥

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It's  photo tumblr_inline_muvc9rFLjR1qid2nw_zpsd2d9ffe2.gif here!
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So the first week of school is over
and I'm already sick of it ugh
But anyway!
I have coords and gets to share
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 photo DSCN0507_zps7756fe3f.jpg photo DSCN0525_zps0af3a863.jpg
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 photo coord_zps86ecee2b.jpg
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I haven't worn my foxtail in so long omg
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 photo tumblr_inline_mzjiyeDm8t1rxsw83_zps2ab92154.gif photo tumblr_inline_mzjiy6qfVD1rxsw83_zpsa303a7aa.gif photo tumblr_inline_mzjj0njJEj1rxsw83_zps153d63d1.gif photo tumblr_inline_mzjj0lkO6U1rxsw83_zpsbff23667.gif
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 photo DSCN0565_zps58e9d5a1.jpg
cutest ring ever~~ I got it for $ 1.49 !
the silicone whipped cream is squishy
 photo DSCN0593_zpsf2dd21d0.jpg
 photo tumblr_m2vmwy1jYc1qdlkyg_zps2cf33bdf.gif
Just look at this coat!!! Look at it akkk I'm so happy I bought this!
It was on sale for $ 12 at Rue21
I think it resembles Liz Lisa, no?
Can't wait to wear it!!
 photo DSCN0581_zpsafc58853.jpg
this is so comfy and big
 photo RSCN0587_zps8622debc.jpg
 photo DSCN0572_zps7416f08a.jpg
a bracelet with my nickname!
 photo DSCN0580_zps4ea450dd.jpg
mmm, smellll~
 photo tumblr_md8ttzCZrj1qfovq8o2_500_zps31573e41.gif
I think I forgot to mention I got new extensions
nothing too extravagant but I love it
 photo DSCN0476_zpsafbb4e4d.jpg
*whispers* I feel like a princess~~~
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bye byeeee

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