Sunday, January 26, 2014

I turned 21! (week of coords&louis vuitton cake)

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I've got a lot to share!
So let's get to it!

Jan 20
MLK day parade!
as far as what I wore, it was nothing special
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My little sister marched in this parade so I took snaps of her school and a few others..
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*there's my sis in the middle!*
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now for the rest of the schools!
(if you wish to, you can just skip all of this to get to the coords)
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*my dad taught at this school, but now he teaches at my sister's school...
he was a little jealous of how great their line up looked lmao*
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a lonely little mascot awww
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I llllooooved their uniforms for the majorettes, flag twirlers, dancers & cheer leaders!
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I liked their uniforms too!! purpleeeeee~~
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that was all I took during the parade and once we got home I talked my sister into posing for a picture
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the rest of the week got colder, and colder, until it wouldn't get any warmer than 40°
I finally tried a coord with my coat that reminds me of d.i.a
but I liked it more before I actually put it on ah well....
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my face looked gross
(/ _ ; )
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purple heart photo: Purple Heart Purpleheart.jpg
I never get tired of kogyaru~
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whoa messed up the pic sizes....
purple heart photo: Purple Heart Purpleheart.jpg
Friday was my birthday!!!
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I turned 21~~~~!
but it was like literally 30 something degrees and raining so I didn't get to do shit for my birthday....
but I had to go to school
despite the horrible weather I got dolled up and did something with my hair for once..
himekaji style!~~
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 photo DSCN0786_zps73d72541.jpg photo DSCN0784_zpsa3ff1458.jpg
 photo DSCN0787_zps14ed1fef.jpg photo FSCN0795_zpsade1096a.jpg
I think last year I explained the whole money thing lol
but, the reason I have money pinned on my shirt is because it's a tradition here!
From what I noticed, people who live here in New Orleans but weren't born here ask about it a lot; so I'm guessing it must just be a New Orleans thing *shrug* anyway,
whenever it's your birthday, you wear a birthday pin with money on it, when others see it, they'll know it's your birthday and they'll give you money or just say happy birthday!!
Now that I  think of it, it is kind of strange...
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 photo DSCN0766_zpsa3aea184.jpg
I loveeee it!!!
and it's chocolate cake omg
It was just hella hard to cut into pieces
that's all for now!~
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