Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gets!!! (circle lenses review in the near future)

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I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving!!
I hope you all ate lots of turkey and pie ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)
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but after all that eating I feel like a turkey!
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But anywho!
My grandma and aunt came to visit us for a few days
and we ended up buying things for each other
despite Christmas being 24 days from now
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& gifts!!
gifts3 photo novgifts4_zpsb07160b0.jpg
my mom got me these weeeee sparkly!
gifts photo novgifts_zps6daecb51.jpg
gifts2 photo novgifts2_zps4c73456c.jpg
my Aunt got me these shorts!!
& they match my slippers I got last year!
\(^д ^*)
and the piece of  résistance~~
diaish coat photo newcoat_zpsc215476b.png
diaish coat3 photo newcoat3_zps79a1da6b.png
look at the buttons!! (^⌓ ^)
diaish coat2 photo newcoat2_zps9ceb3ef2.png
My new coat!!! I love it so much
very d.i.a. -ish!! isn't it?
Ah I couldn't capture the color correctly,
it's described as "army green" I guess lol
Can't wait to work it into coords!
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I also joined in Pinky Paradise's Black Friday sale!!
Circle lenses 50% off!!!! until Dec. 5th
click that link babeeee
I bought the
Princess Mimi Apple Green and G&G Wondereye Brown!
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Here's a spare coordinate I forgot to post!
novcode photo novcoord_zps971cf031.jpgnovcode2 photo novcoord2_zpsfe612766.jpg
novcode3 photo novcoord3_zpse04c2526.jpgnovcode4 photo novcoord4_zps612325b5.jpg
I really need a d.i.a. belt for coords ugh
hearts photo: BOW BOW_zpsf5d4f8b7.gif
welp I hope everyone gets all their Christmas shopping out of the way...
I feel like I'm going broke already
 photo blkgalbroke_zpsa0a1c334.gif
...and I hope everyone passes all their classes & finals
(lord knows I need the prayers and wishes)
I need to pass these classes omg
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