Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November coords & gets

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Hey guys!
sorry about disappearing,
this semester has been pretty damn demanding
and daylights saving time has started
so every time I get home its already too damn dark outside to take pictures of my outfit when I actually do dress up ...sigh
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So here's a few gets~~
 photo novgets1_zps66aa19f6.png
I got this super cute DIY deco kit!~~
omg I'm so excited to make a new phone case!!
Speeeeaking of new phone case...
 photo novgets2_zps88e1ca64.png
 photo novgets3_zps0f000302.png
 photo novgets4_zpsa666b474.png
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any who~! For this past Sunday I got inspiration for a coord!
111013 inspo photo 111013inspo_zps8f306275.jpg
111013 photo 111013coord_zps974ee5c0.png111013-2 photo 111013coord2_zps1717eab7.png
111013-3 photo 111013coord3_zps4478e24b.png
Gyaru Makeup Pixel photo gyaruedit.gif
111013 make photo 111013make_zps7afe5315.png
111013 make2 photo 111013make2_zps019e2662.png
stitch gif photo: stitch gif 30020002010483848625.gif
here's a few snaps of other coords
 photo novcoords3_zps0d039836.png
 photo novcoords4_zps8f3a8a9f.png
 photo novcoords1_zps7d827908.png
 photo novcoords2_zps85b25971.png
yeaaa those were nothing too special
I'll try harder!!
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