Friday, November 1, 2013

4 Days of Halloween!!~~ (halloween coords)

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hey, hey, hey~~!
Happy late Halloween!!!
I hope you guys really enjoyed yourselves~
I hope you watched a bunch of horror movies or dressed up in fun costumes and got a crap ton of candy!!
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As if it wasn't already obvious,
I've been excited about Halloween for weeks!
Sooo I decided to dress up in mini "costumes" the entire week up until Halloween day!
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October 28th
102813-3 photo 102813coord_zpsfbd0064f.png102813-4 photo 102813coord2_zps506025d8.png
102813-5 photo 102813coord3_zpse3c1a62a.png
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at school (/・・)ノ
102813 photo 1028hair_zps3b80d6b0.png

October 29th
(cue awkward pose to show the tail lmao)
102913 photo 102913coord_zpsbe899597.png102913-2 photo 102913coord2_zps964ec261.png
102913-3 photo 102913face_zps07772ac7.png

October 30th
forgive me I became camera happy ‾▿‾
103013 photo 103013coord_zpsf0af07c6.png103013-2 photo 103013coord2_zpsec147a3d.png
103013-3 photo 103013coord3_zps63f9f6c8.png103013-4 photo 103013coord4_zps6149fc5f.png
103013-6 photo 103013coord6_zps71328fbb.png

October 31st Halloween!
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Did I do a good job?
I had so much fun walking around in this!
So many people complimented me!
I was pleasantly surprised that so many older women like it
they would stop me and ask me for pictures and say how cute my costume was
I saw lots of people on campus dressed up!
I saw Waldo, a Tardis, pirates, vampires, the Joker, a pumkin, Sailor Moon, Jack Skellington, a Twister board, a many costumes! It was awesomeeee
Sadly I'm sick now (✖╭╮✖)
So I'll be in bed for the weekend
huuhuuhuu (  ; ____ ;) 
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