Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmassy Coord! Gifts & Gets!

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So finals week is over! Hallelujah!
Idk about you guys but school was beginning to kill me
all of the exams and papers back to back
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Now it's Christmas break and I can just sit back and relax~
So! I have a few things to share
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Dec. 9 coord!
kitty photo kitty_zps1b277a38.jpg
I was too excited about seeing Christmas decoration around campus
so I decided to dress up as Kitty Claus!
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Hair & Make!
Gyaru Makeup Pixel photo gyaruedit.gif
kitty4 photo kitty3_zps332c2c93.jpg
kitty3 photo kitty4_zps107332f9.jpg
Even my phone is in a festive mood
kitty2 photo phone_zps2d950b49.png
And here's a kuronba(o) coord from some time ago
kuron photo kuron_zps220685aa.jpgkuron2 photo kuron2_zpsace1187b.jpg
kuron3 photo kuron3_zps48d86fe4.jpg
kuron4 photo kuron4_zpsa140bfe5.jpg
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Now Gifts & Gets!
decgift photo decgift_zpsb6ce3de4.jpg
decgift2 photo decgift3_zps834c1f94.jpg
My dearest friend got me this early Christmas gift!
I love iiittt, it's unbelievably soft
I want to hug her for getting me this!
lilo and stitch photo: Lilo and Stitch ls11.gif
My lenses finally came in!
Unfortunately, the G&G Wondereye Brown were out of stock in my prescription
so I only got the Princess Mimi Apple Green
decget photo decgift4_zps344406b4.jpg
Hopefully I get to do that review soon!
& I hope everybody's enjoying their Christmas break!!!
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