Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Can't wait for Christmas!(Rokku Coord~)

 photo 1_081215oollalla_102_m_zpsd47c63f6.gif
Helloooo~~ ♥
Are you guys enjoying your holiday break?
Hope no one's going broke trying to buy presents
 photo blkgalbroke_zpsa0a1c334.gif
I'm just about hitting that mark tbh
with my birthday coming up next month,
I've got my eye on a few things
lets just call it a half Christmas/ half birthday wishlist

I can't stop looking at wigs someone stop me please
 photo 1_zps959cdaad.png
I wanted this one in black
 photo 2_zpse7bbb6c2.png
this one in dark brown
 photo 8_zps76258c04.png
 photo 7_zps26228710.png
 photo 9_zpsed015af6.png
finally giving into the whole tattoo tights thing
I can't help myself
 photo 5_zps8711e492.png
bottom lashes~
 photo 3_zps77658720.png
moar bottom lashes~~
 photo 4_zps84080551.png
(」゜ロ゜)」 so .....friggin.....gorgeous!
 photo 6_zps4c053f7b.png
and another pair!
 photo blackradiancebakedbronzerblackberry_zps632516d4.jpg
Black Radiance Artisan Color Baked Bronzer Blackberry
look at that o.m.g.
Okay enough spazzing from me
last week I got to hang out with Alice & Sarah
we went shopping at the mall!
 photo blkagejogal_zpsc8f10bac.gif
and got lost bringing me home
 photo rokkucoord_zpsd86d75d5.jpg
I didn't expect it to get as warm as it did that day omg
the weather was suppose to get up to maybe 70 degrees
but it felt like 80-90
in December......are you kidding me New Orleans?
so yea, that explains the leather jacket tied to my waist
(whoops hiding my shorts)
We had tons of fun though !
until we literally couldn't walk anymore
why did we all wear heels omg
bad idea never do it when you don't have a car
just don't.....
Any who! Iiiiiii cannot wait to open all of my gifts and eat a big Christmas dinner and totally forget about responsibilities like returning to school...
nope not gonna think about it
(ps. I got my grades in! 4 B's and one A!)
Merry Christmas to meeeeee~~
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