Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas☆゚.*・。゚~& Sujimori?

 photo xmasgal_zpsc1d77a07.gif
.*・。゚☆゚|∴め ϖ め∴|☆゚.*・。゚
Merry late Christmas!!!
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I know, I'm always a few days late with these kinds of things...
But, I wanted to share my gifts with you guys!
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 photo christmas2013030_zps0bcce61b.jpg
 photo tumblr_m89iuyrVyU1qdlkyg_zps128d9794.gif
Guys I finally have a camera!!!! I was so excited when I opened this up omg
I used it to take pictures of the rest of my gifts!
I'm still learning how to use it
so bare with me plz
 photo christmas2013017_zps069a3aa7.jpg
 photo christmas2013016_zpsa216e09d.jpg
my sister got me an organizer for my makeup!
 photo christmas2013018_zpsca6aa205.jpg
my parents got me shoes!
 photo christmas2013014_zpsa960171a.jpg
 photo christmas2013015_zpsf10c6689.jpg
 photo christmas2013020_zps88727aab.jpg
cutest contact case!
 photo christmas2013019_zps76803003.jpg
 photo christmas2013021_zps84ff20cb.jpg photo christmas2013022_zps77e13605.jpg
(don't mind me just testing out things on my camera)
 photo christmas2013023_zps1bf0efbb.jpg
 photo christmas2013024_zps0c458a87.jpg
(don't judge me, it's cute & I wanted it....)
 photo christmas2013027_zps0efc015d.jpg
I took these last pics with my phone
( ̄□ ̄;)
 photo christmas2013028_zpsa98aeb82.jpg
sarah got me this cute beanie (⊙∀⊙✿)
 photo christmas2013029_zpsb71df692.jpg
another hello kitty case!!
I love all of my gifts!!
 photo tumblr_lumfx6iMGI1qibcty_zpse55652f0.gif
I decided to try something with my hair once my extensions came in, hopefully I can achieve this look again!!
 photo sujhair2_zpseddf3924.jpg photo sujhair_zpscb8d9709.jpg
 photo sujhair3_zps10ea13ae.jpg
looks rather like sujimori ?
or is this just wishful thinking
 photo blkgalagejo_zpse896bc27.gif
yep, wishful thinking lol

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