Friday, October 18, 2013

Forthcoming Purchases & Halloween Makeup Looks!!

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Hey all you Goblins and Ghouls & Witches and Black Kitties~
Yesterday I spent allllll day on Youtube watching makeup tutorials
soooooo I ended up adding different makeup products to my lists of "Forthcoming Purchases" lol
(which ultimately lead me to ebay & then taobao....idek how)

┣▇▇▇▇ fσятн¢σмιиg ρυя¢нαѕєѕ ▇▇▇▇▇═─

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Maybelline Fit Me Concealer - 30 Cafe
after much research and reviews, I've decided to give this a try!
I hope it works well, plus it's not very pricey! ($4-5)
 photo toget_zpse4b02018.jpg
e.l.f. Studio High Definition Powder
Same thing here, I hear alot of good things
I really want to try this because my skin is preeeeetty oily and I hope this will work for setting my makeup and keeping me shine free because pigmented powders are too bright for my skin
soooo I'm glad this e.l.f. powder is a translucent one!

Ok so now onto taobao items~~~
Since I finally learned (I think) how to shop on taobao
thanks to this lovely little lady

I think I'm going to finally give taobao a try really soon!
So I started looking around for like vital things I want need!

 photo wants_zpsd4e349ae.png
¥188.00 / $ 30.84

 photo wants2_zps00229fdf.png
soooooo excited about these!
¥68.00 / $ 11.15

 photo wants3_zps3567983a.png
Diamond Lash Sweet Eye lower lashes
Just like Cocona / Serina loves to wear!
 photo c4_zps3b37de33.png
 photo c5_zpsc2d43c70.png
¥18.00 / $ 2.95

 photo wl-5_zpsab6b867d.png
Diamond Lash Angel Eye
¥28.00 / $ 4.59
 photo tumblr_inline_muep48ywA11qdlkyg_zpsd3e59848.gif
soooo back to the topic of makeup!
here's a few videos both gyaru & non gyaru~


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I've been looking for makeup looks for my cybergoth costume
so onto makeup looks for Halloween!!!!
 photo gm1_zps8f70701f.png
 photo gm4_zps89b825a8.png
 photo gm2_zpsa1383c83.png
 photo gm3_zps8c988695.png
 photo gm5_zps6cf122b0.png

I'll be on the lookout for more make up looks!
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  1. Hey I looked up the taobao site. How do you order & register if your in the us. I tried going into the website in english & cant search any of these products you have listed.

    1. Hey there, although I haven't made an order through taobao yet, I was going by this video tutorial here ( I really found this to be helpful and useful. You have to use an "agent" to order and register. If you're going to search for products, you usually have to search it in chinese (so I just use google translate :) ) I hope this was helpful! :)