Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Make! (1012) & Getting my costume together!

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Hey hey heyyy~~~
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Midterms are basically over now
(I say basically because I can't remember if I've taken all of mine yet)
I did full make recently!
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not particularly a coordinate, I just wanted to practice my makeup
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Soooo you guys got your costumes ready??
I'm getting all the pieces together lol
I have most of the clothing part except for the leggings
(I have to tear and rip them myself)
I also have to make my face mask and finish off the hair pieces
sigh emoji photo: *Sigh th978a81a4.gif
So much to do~
I suppose I should show you guys what I will be?
I'll be a cybergoth!!
 photo cybergoth_zpsc08950c9.jpg
 photo cybergoth10_zps1284e25e.png
 photo cybergoth2_zps535c1db9.jpg
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 photo cybergoth3_zps2449151e.png
 photo cybergoth6_zps312811eb.jpg
 photo cybergoth5_zps2a87aba9.png
 photo cybergoth7_zpsd891fb3f.png
 photo cybergoth4_zps38715de4.png
Is it cool?
I'm so excited! Hopefully I can get everything done before Halloween!
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