Monday, September 2, 2013

(Coords)First week of school!

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So I'm back in school!
this first week has already proven to me that this semester will be tough!
But I can do it!!
also! I've been going to work this week so yea...
i'm exhausted
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☆Aug. 26☆
What better way to reign in the new semester than as a Kogal!~
these pics were before I went off to school
0826-1 photo 0826-1_zps3e4775b8.png0826-2 photo 0826-2_zpse3fe877b.png
0826-3 photo 0826-3_zps64335d0c.png
and these were after~
0826-4 photo 0826-4_zpsb3f9156e.png0826-5 photo 0826-5_zps891c399f.png
0826-6 photo 0826-6_zps06d16705.png
It was a pretty good day
decent lmao
turns out a lot of my friends have left university (T.T; )
why all these bitches leaving me here to suffer alone

☆Aug. 27☆
(the night before, I took the liberty of curling my extensions aaaand~)
0827-6 photo 0827hair_zpsa28b9dc1.png0827-7 photo 0827hair2_zps64085a72.png
it looks gloriouussssss yass lawd
so before I left for school I took pictures of my hairrrr
0827-1 photo 0827-1_zps127c1a10.png0827-2 photo 0827-2_zps794f23f6.png
((inspo for coord))
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What started off as a B-gyaru coord,
turned into a hybrid of rokku & b-gyaru!
0827-3 photo 0827-3_zps5fcf68f4.png0827-4 photo 0827-4_zps021011b5.png
0827-5 photo 0827-5_zps10fbb11e.png

☆Aug. 28☆
((inspo for coord))
gothic photo tumblr_mr7fv38yR71sqd45go1_400_zps9cec34d4.jpg
0828-1 photo 0828-1_zps7ba8caa7.png0828-2 photo 0828-2_zps6321086c.png
0828-3 photo 0828-3_zpse1bddbf8.png0828-4 photo 0828-4_zps785286bd.png
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☆Aug. 29☆
an AJ Lee appreciation coord!!!
 photo aj_zps5517ee04.png photo aj2_zpsce21c782.png
 photo aj4_zpsf8460df1.png photo aj3_zps6ec9c754.png
the current WWE diva's champion oh yeaaa
drooling (´ヮ`  )
0829-1 photo 0829-1_zpsf76be5b2.png0829-2 photo 0829-2_zps2917ba50.png
0829-3 photo 0829-3_zpsaa8e9f13.png0829-4 photo 0839-4_zpsc9acda50.png

☆Aug. 30☆
bit of 96Gal / kuronba(o) style~
0830-1 photo 0830-1_zps6880fd18.png0830-2 photo 0830-2_zps5c81a003.png
0830-3 photo 0830-3_zps5edcfa15.png
0830-4 photo 0830-4_zpse5389aa7.png0830-5 photo 0830-5_zps08a4dfcb.png
(my legs ......I'm beginning to really like them)
This was a veeeery busy week you guys!
Hopefully I can keep up with work...and homework
and still have time to come update
*sigh* aigoo~ so many things to do
Everyone enjoy their Labor Day break!!!
lord knows I will ( ´∀`)
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