Friday, September 27, 2013

It's aliiiiiive (me that is)

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Hey, hey, hey~

sorry about not updating
school is taking up most of my time
for some reason this semester is just a crap ton busier than all the other semesters!
I haven't dressed up either (´∩`。)
even my friends have noticed!
"what happened? you don't dress up like you used to!"
"I miss all your eccentric outfits~"
"you're dressed......normal today"
i knoooow i know...
it's so sad man *huhuhuuuu*
I, need to get back on it ...!
I bought a few things recently that I can't wait to work into coords!

gets1 photo gets1_zps40955d8a.png
gets2 photo gets2_zps6647fb1c.png
gets3 photo gets3_zps91dc25cf.png
I bought this top at Charlotte Russe & I thought it would be the perfect top to turn into a d.i.a. shirt
all I got to do is add a chain cross the back~!
liiiike so:
 photo dia_zpsab8101cb.png

I also got these
gets4 photo gets4_zps73c99ae2.png
they're more green in person
gets5 photo gets5_zpsdd8f3679.png
the bullet belt from my wishlist!!
I love it alllll~~

(ps. are you guys ready for Halloween?!?!?!!!!)
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