Sunday, August 25, 2013

(Wish List) So I start school tomorrow..

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Heyyy guys~
Sorry about not updating... nothing's been going on to be honest
my life is quite boring you
I start school tomorrow & I also start work tomorrow
Thaaaaaat's right, your Suki is about to be a working-girl
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yaaaayy for false excitement lol
So! I wanted to make this a Wish list post in anticipation of the forthcoming paychecks kekekee
'Cuz ya girl is broke okay?
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Okie dokie!
☆⌒Starting with taobao!~~~⌒☆
(I've never shopped from taobao but I hope to soon & I hope it's a good experience *le sigh*)

♥loose socks♥
ls2 photo 120cmloosesocks_zpsa4f841a0.png
this seller offers lengths of 60cm, 80cm, 100cm & 120cm!
((I already own 120cm loose socks but I want to replace them))
I did a little snooping through the reviews & was happy to see a few buyers uploaded pictures of themselves in the socks!!
ls1 photo 80cmloosesocksT1EG8iFapbXXaHX6XJPEG_400x400_zps80db8933.jpg
this lovely girly ordered the 80cm socks
ls3 photo 120cmloosesocks3T1jyuqXE0aXXaHX6XJPEG_400x400_zps2f34f97f.jpg
she ordered the 120cm socks
ls4 photo 120loosesocks2_zpsc1d8a9e9.png
ls5 photo 120loosesocks3T1GMpnFf8dXXaHX6XJPEG_400x400_zps7892844c.jpg
and this cutie ordered the 120cm socks too!~
I found her review the most helpful, it translates weird but
from what I understand, they're a bit on the thin side and work better in the summer for warmer weather!
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The other pair/seller I'm interested in is...
 photo 150cmloosesocksT2Fe2SXmdXXXXXXXXX_644881100_zps2e1715f6.jpg
awwwww yea babeee~ 150cm!!!!!
I'm probably going to buy these bad boys~~
but I know shipping will kill me because of it's weight ugh
I did some snooping again and found a few pictures from buyers~
ls6 photo 150cmloosesocks_zpsc31d83e4.png
guys.......they're longer than her refrigerator! omg emoticon photo: OMG emoticon _OMG__by_TeaR6446.gif
ls7 photo 150cmloosesocks2_zps4ccc0292.png
picture is kinda small but
they look amazinggggggg~~~ I want them!!!!
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cute clothes I want
 photo T2NXIUXdtaXXXXXXXX_718021754_zpsc028ae7e.jpg
 photo T2RSEnXl0XXXXXXXXX_718021754_zpsda96e59a.jpg
I really like this! very Ora Ora
but my bum would never fit in those shorts
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 photo T2EH1MXllbXXXXXXXX_706633522_zps7864079e.jpg
pretty !~~~ and not costly! and alot of people seem to love it!
can't wait to call it my own~
 photo phonesticker_zpsa1809529.png
Ma*rs phone sticker! (they have it available for iphone's too!)
 photo T2o6U0XkFXXXXXXXXX_79721529jpg_310x310_zpsc8cb130d.jpg
tattootights photo tattootights_zps9e6bf260.png
I know you've guys have probably seen these around alot!
tattoo tights~~
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☆⌒now to Rakuten⌒☆
bags photo bags_zps6972662e.png
student bags!!!
I want the leopard one!
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 photo kg6.png
Seifuku ties!
& another link
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leg photo legwarmers_zps3dd04343.jpg
leg2 photo legwarmers2_zps2eaa6073.jpg
I'll be attempting to make jean leg warmers! woo!!
(I have jean left over from making shorts~)
I'm still going to make tops like d.i.a. style!
*fingers crossed that I get to do all this soon*
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You guys wish me luck for tomorrow...
I feel like school/work will be hell
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