Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What time is it? Kawaii Nola Time!!!

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Hiiiiii guys!~
Today Alice & I have an adventure to share with you!
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We set out on an adventure to see a shop Alice heard about from the depths of the lolita community lol
We hopped on the 'Magazine bus' and arrived tooooo~
°☆.。.:*・°☆Kawaii NOLA!!!☆°.。.:*・☆°
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I was so happy to find the store very quickly,
the heat was killing meeeee
I'm glad I didn't wear much
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There was sooo much to see in the shop!
I took as many pictures as I could!!
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tons of little treasures in this room (◕。◕)
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phone cases!
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totoro photo: Transparent Totoro totoro_zps8f32d5c8.gif

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The other part of the store had super cute clothes! 
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seifukus & cosplay costumes too!!
(wish I took more pictures of them!!)
kawaii nola14 photo kawaiinola13_zps31d61546.png
there were so many cute accessories !
And wigs!!!
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Even the dressing room is adorable!
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(not even gonna lie, Miss A's song "I don't need a man" was playing in here & I couldn't help but dance and sing)
I love love loooove this store so much!!
Of course there was plenty of things I really wanted
but for sure one day I'm coming back for these
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We got to talk to the owner the entire time
turns out, she just opened her shop July!
She plans to get many new orders
(apparently many have put in requests for lolita brands & liz lisa)
The adventure didn't end there~
after we left Kawaii Nola we walk for a bit to find something to eat
we ended up agreeing on subway & talked for a bit
after lunch we caught the bus to the busy streets of downtown
I figured Alice had to be dying from the sun
(lord knows I was)
So I suggested frozen yogurt!
It was nice and cool in there so we totally mooched off of their air & wifi while we ate
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I had lots of fun hanging out with Alice
I hope we can do this again!!!!
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