Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Seems like a Rokku kind of week(*≧▽≦)ノ

skulls photo: skulls skulls.gif
 photo blackdiamondgal_zps0b8d8c0f.gif I actually thought I came and updated Sunday night..
but I guess I'm imagining things! (sorry about that)
I noticed the coords I'm going to share have a bit of a Rokku feel to them
(I didn't even mean for it to be that way ! haha)

Here's what I wore on Sunday!
 photo 0407hair_zps7e96565b.png
 photo 0407coord_zps46442842.png
 photo 0407deail_zps8c483786.png
 photo 0407deatil2_zpsc5b918e9.png
 photo 0407detail3_zps3fc3970b.png
skulls photo: skulls skulls.jpg
I went to the mall on Sunday with my sister and mom!
 photo 0407gets_zps5d580db1.png
Now I know you're probably thinking...
Suki, what the hell could you have bought at Justice?
 photo 0407gets2_zpseedb0389.png
I got selca crazy!
 photo 0407selca_zps1f3014a4.png
 photo 0407selca2_zpsbfe2b7ca.png
I also got Love Pink shorts finally!
 photo e6cc1230-66a0-403a-b61c-e4f91acc10e7_zps3ea26491.jpg
And I finally brought that stupid faulty phone case back to Rue 21 & exchanged it for a white spikey headband like the black one I recently bought (^▽^)
skulls photo: skulls skulls.jpg
Monday was quite ..interesting lol
A lot of people complimented my outfit so it was definitely a happy Monday
(strange..I know lol)
My morning started off pretty awesome the moment I got on campus
I was on my way to the computer lab watching the ground as usual when I hear
"Well! Who's this gorgeous girl??"
I look up and it's my crush jfc omg alskdjf;oadofja *spazzing*
gyaru pixel photo: Gyaru Delirious Pixel ea937a16.gif
Here's what I wore~!
 photo 0408coord_zps84449859.png
 photo 0408coord2_zps4c57d44b.png
 photo 0408coord3_zpsb8e39eee.png
 photo 0408access_zps5e1b323b.png
 photo 0408access2_zpsf6144ad5.png
skulls photo: skulls skulls.jpg
*Phew* that's all for now~
It's about to be Finals Week soon so wish me luck!!!!
gyaru pixel photo: Gyaru Hwaiting Pixel 380b1c31.gif

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