Sunday, April 7, 2013


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Hey, hey, hey~!
I was "out and about" with my mom & sis yesterday!
And I had Pink Berry for the first time ! 
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It was deliciouuss
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I ordered Salted Caramel (omg that stuff is good! I sampled Pomegranate too!)
And I got Nutella, yogurt chips, and a waffle cone piece as toppings!!~
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This is what I wore ヽ(・_・;)ノ
didn't really get around to a full body shot..
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it's a floor length maxi-dress (^ ^ )
*that wig makes me feel tiny lmfao*

After Pink Berry we went shopping around 
and I saw alot of things I wanted but aakkk I said I would slow down with my spending!
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I wanted these but my mom is like "don't you have a bunch of lashes already?"
So I just put them both down..I heard that blending sponge works pretty well!
I may buy one someday
I tried not to spend but that notion was thrown out the window as soon as we got to Rue 21
 photo 0406gets_zps76c3c9a2.png
(finally got shoes to match my hi-low dress)
 photo 0406gets2_zps202f789e.png
it's hilarious and cute & I love the cheetah print Chanel symbol!!
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I thought this was super cute and I've always wanted one
BUT the stupid tail refuses to stay on soooo I'm bringing this shit back today lol
 photo 0406gets4_zps19a7ff4e.png
I loooooove my new headband! Spikes!! Me likey~ lol
I'm thinking of exchanging the phone case for a white spiked headband...
 photo 0406gets5_zps07b9f0cc.png
I thought these were cool
can't wait to wear all of this stuff!!
until next post guys, buh-byyee~
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