Tuesday, April 16, 2013

French Quarter Festival!!

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It's approaching Finals week and many students like myself are freaking the hell out!
I've been scheduling classes for next semester and rushing through exams and papers
and all I wanna do is relaaaaxxxx..
that's not an option unfortunately...
You haven't heard from me since last week I believe
sooooo, onto the coords!!!!

April 12
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Over the weekend I was busy!!
My family and I went to the French Quarter Fest!
It's a free festival they have down in the French Quarters of New Orleans
Looooots of food, live performances, toooons of lively people!! I ate so much food!
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The French Quarter is already fun all on its own! Tons of shops and boutiques, places to eat and lots of cultural things to see or do!
If you guys ever visit here, go to the Boardwalk!
(so many things to do there omg it's a lot of fun!! I wish I had time to go that weekend)
Before we could find the festival, we just walked around for a bit looking through little shops
and as usual there was so much talent out there ! We passed this adoooorable guy playing the keyboard and singing his own songs , omg he was so cute~ There were a bunch of artists showcasing their art on the streets too
Eventually we ended up seeing this performer that I've seen a few times on Bourbon Street
I got to record a little of her routine for you guys lol
I missed recording her tricks with 3 hula hoops! ugh I was mad that I missed it hahah
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(this is one of the stores I really like! "So Good" is like full awesome jewelry!)
 photo fq4_zps2dde9cc3.png
 photo fq5_zps6733694d.png
(things I thought about buying)
I only ended up buying one bracelet because of time (´∩`。)
After the festival I had a classical concert to attend for a class on campus
 photo fq7_zps06cf7a65.png
It was nice but not alot of people showed up to see this guy play (;へ:)
This Monday!
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Gyaru Makeup Pixel photo gyaruedit.gif
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Aannnd today..still with the Rokku feel from last week(?)
 photo 0416coord_zps0d38ae52.png
Aakkk this week..no this month has been so stressful!!!
I can't wait for it to all be over...
well I'm off to drown myself into more papers and studying,
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