Tuesday, April 23, 2013

finals are gonna kick my ass...but I didn't look like a bum today! :)

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Errm..It's a..been a while right?
I'm sorry about that~
Like I said last time, it's almost the end of the semester and things are winding down
soooo lots of stress going on here lol
Saturday I went to Pink Berry in celebration for my 94 A on an exam! wooohoooo!~
so yea...here's my silly face! wish I would've put on lashes..
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annd my froyo!
 photo 0421_zps232efd7b.png
I wanted Pomegranate but they ran out so the lady said if she gave me "original" and poured Pomegranate puree on it, it would taste the exact same!
So that's what I did..added strawberries, mixed nuts, & cheesecake bites !
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I finally wore something lol
other than sweats and flipflops
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I love my vest!~~~
a bit of a rokku-onee gyaru mix \(^▽^*)

well I don't have anything else to share today unfortunately~
but I will see you guys soon!! (like friday or saturday lol)
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