Monday, April 29, 2013

Coordinates, Sushi, Ice Cream & Makeup! (tht sounds awful lol)

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Ehm...Heeeeyyy, guys~
Sorry I meant to come and update sooner..
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forgiiiive me~
I have quite a few things to show youuuu~
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April 24th
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April 25th
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I had so much fun on this day! A few friends and I went to the sushi restaurant called "Yummy"!
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We had alot of fun just talking and relaxing because finals suck and everyone hates school!
..once I got home I got changed and went out to Cold Stone Creamery with my sister!
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April 27th
Saturday I just went shopping around with my mom & my sister
but I tried a makeup look !
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theeenn I tried on my purple lenses just to see how they would look lol
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。(⌒∇⌒。) Is it okay??
I saw these leggings that I wanted!
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I want them all!!!!!
Buttt I didn't get one..I got earrings instead!
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Pretty?? ♥
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April 29th
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remember these shorts I made last year??
I miss wearing them!!
So! Tomorrow is Sarah's birthday!!~~~
She'll be 20! And we're going on an adventure after classes!!!!
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See you next post!
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