Sunday, May 12, 2013

I have alot to show you!(My SummerBreak starts NOW!)

H-h-hey guys~~
I seriously didn't anticipate on abandoning the blog for that long..
I was studying nonstop everyday!
 photo blackdiamondgal_zps0b8d8c0f.gif
But finals are FINALLY OVER!!!
my summer break starts now~~~~!!!♥
As you can imagine..I have alot to show you...
"oooooon to the coords.!!" I say that way too much

this was sometime at the end of April
 photo STIA_zps179bbb11.png
 photo STIA2_zpsac35f610.png
 photo STIA4_zpse3503648.png
 photo STIA3_zpsde016991.png
 photo STIA5_zps7981d77b.png

May 6th
 photo 0506coord_zpsc308eec9.png
 photo 0506coord2_zps026fe6c5.png
 photo 0506hair_zps910b48af.png
(the shirt is grey, idk why it looks white)
 photo 0506coord3_zpsfddd8f24.png

May 7th
I still haven't found shoes to match this dress
 photo 0507coord_zps3c0b3129.png photo 0507coord2_zps030d1632.png
 photo 0507coord3_zps24e63477.png
 photo 0507coord4_zps8f872226.png

May 9th
 photo 0509coord_zps0d24baa6.png

May 10th
I went out with Sarah to Sassafras in celebration of the end of finals & the Spring semester!
I had the "Catfish Orleans"
 photo 0510sassafras_zpsaacf4bf2.png
sooooooo yummmyy!!!

May 11th! Yesterday!!
Gyaru Makeup Pixel photo gyaruedit.gif
I tried out the droopy gyaru make style and took pics through the process lol
 photo 0511make1_zpsf66619bd.png
(once I got annoyed I went and did my hair)
 photo 0511hair_zps75d7e6eb.png
(then went back to finish makeup lol)
 photo 0511make2_zps3a7f0cb5.png
*this flash was so damn bright*
 photo 0511make3_zpsdaead0fa.png
looks a little scary lmfao
But anywho!
My sister and I went shopping for mother's day gifts
I got to go to Starbucks & try the Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino!!!!♥
 photo 0511get_zps3a97b91c.png
 photo 0511get2_zps4a69c246.png
After we bought my mother a few things, we went to Rue21 & I got a few things!
 photo blkgal13_zps000cb833.gif
 photo 0511get3_zpse3f49b5c.png
 photo 0511get4_zps875ab10a.png
(a new wallet slash phone case)
 photo 0511get5_zpsf8b8d5ba.png
Well! That's all I have to share for now!
Since I'm off from school I'll be practicing makeup and updating more!
See you guys next post!!!!
 photo blkgal14_zpsa3b2529d.gif
kawaii pixel photo: blue ribbon bluribbon.gif

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