Saturday, February 23, 2013

I have no life lol (coord updates ´∀`*)

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Hey guyyyyss! Sorry I didn't update (シ_ _)シ *apologies*
I've been sick !!!
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But I'm getting better now! I don't know about you guys but, when I catch a cold, it just takes A LOT out of me! Like I'm practically dead ...I turn into a zombie , it's awful !
Anywho!!! I must go on to the run through of my week since Valentines's Day lol
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So ! Last weekend I spent my Saturday at the Elimination Chamber with my little sister! (I've mentioned from time to time that I have an odd obsession with wrestling *le shrug* I can't explain it lol)
IT WAS FUUUUNN!! We bought tickets mainly to see the main event of Cm Punk vs. The Rock........Now if you remember, I loove Cm Punk with a burning passion lmao BUT HE LOST TO THE ROCK WTF!? I feel like I wasted my money since he lost buuuuuuut atleast I got to see his fine ass in person! I was like  photo tumblr_inline_mhvur4MNzx1rqw5we_zpsb2d557c0.gif
(Next year they're holding Wrestlemania here, in New Orleans! I'm buying tickets for sure!)
OKKKAAYY ! I'll stop boring you with wrestling hahah!
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fєвяυαяу 21
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fєвяυαяу 22
I got pretty "camera happy" yesterday lol
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I used my Twilight button as a pretend school crest lmao
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to continue the 'Twilight theme' I put Rob buttons on my vest (⌒▽⌒)lol
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I made the cutest breakfast ever!!
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It was delicious ! The chocolate chips, maple syrup & powdered sugar made it super yummy & sweet!
Hope you guys enjoy your weekend!
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