Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day ♥

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Did you guys enjoy you're Valentine's Day?? Mine was pretty good, it went better than expected!
(although, I ended up feeling sick once I got home
o( ̄- ̄メ)
I haven't even eaten any of my cookies/candy yet! (T_T)
But anywho! Did you guys have a special valentine? Did you get cute teddy bears & flowers??
'Cause I didn't  forever alooooneee~~~ Some of my friends even told me "Happy Singles Awareness Day!"    Hmph!! The nerve! lol
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So! Since I had nothing special to do~ You get two Valentine's Day coords!! Yaayy!
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lacy heart!!~
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my huge sparkly bow!!
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Agejo / Ma*rs Style
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woo shoes~!
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necklace ~

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Although I had no Valentine, I actually did get candy...from my mom ...cookies I snagged from my friends & My-Nhu handed out the money envelopes for the Chinese New Year ! yay for good luck money! lol (The festival is suppose to be today..but I don't think I'll be going boohoo~~ T__T)

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 photo IMG_6503_zps1403480f.jpg
(some of my friends got $5 + ...I got $1 as I do every year)
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these are the heart cookies I made! I was sooo nervous for everyone to try them! But my friends said they were delicious!

~My friend Becca made these:
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 photo IMG_6500_zps6f9bdeb2.jpg

~Courtney made these!:
 photo IMG_6498_zpse90e9e9d.jpg

I can't wait to eat allll of this!!!!!!

Oh! & Today in Fiction Writing class, this poor little guy was left by the window
 photo IMG_6505_zps438e7c2d.jpg
Enjoy the weekend!!!
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