Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fat Tuesday!!!

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I doooooo!~~ 'Cuz it's officially Mardi Gras Day! A.k.a. Fat Tuesday!
I didn't expect to go out to any parades this year because of the expected bad weather. But my mom woke me up at like 8am like "Hey! wanna go to the Truck Float Parade??" So my sister & I got dressed super quickly & drove out to see the parades!!!
The weather wasn't as bad as they predicted, thank God!! It drizzled a little & it was pretty cold ヾ(×× ) ツ
I had lots of fun with my family & caught tons of things !!! (my sister caught a lot of toys & stuffed animals!)
This was before the parade got moving; it was still sunny!!
 photo 0212mardigras_zps47079a68.png
Here's a few boring shots I took lol I only pulled out my camera when they stopped the parade for technical issues so *sobs* no action shots
 photo 0212mardigras2_zps248e28a9.png
 photo 0212mardigras3_zpsa49d3e44.png
After the parades I was STARVING omg ! But I captured this from the t.v for more of an action shot lol
Here's a shot of little 'ol me after the parades !
 photo selcamardigrasday2013_zps610db7f8.png
I got a tiara!~~
Unfortunately, I go back to university tomorrow so blehhhhhhh..
Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your week! 。(⌒∇⌒。)

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