Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I tried my hand at B-gyaru(*≧▽≦){& more coords}

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Forgive me for not coming here yesterday!!!!
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Now that you've forgiven me *(so I hope)*
I will show you a run-through of my coords!
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Feb 25
I realllyyy like B-gyaru ! (which is pretty much a hip-hop gyaru style)
So I decided, Hey! Why not give B-gal a try??
 photo 0225coord1_zps0603366f.png
Aaannnd then I got "camera happy" forgive me haha
 photo 0225coord3_zps22bd1314.png
 photo 0225-8_zpsc07771b7.png
(i had tons of fun that day if you didn't notice!)

Feb 26
Ora ora style~~ (^v^)
 photo 0226coord_zps3aef3ee7.png
 photo 0226coord2_zps0d0e2cce.png
*without the coat*
 photo 0226coord3_zpsbe0f62ef.png
*random details~*
 photo 0226detail_zps2b9d5576.png
 photo 0226detail2_zps4a92389b.png
 photo 0226make_zps1224050b.png
 photo 0226make2_zps91897e31.png
 photo 0226make3_zpsf1468bb0.png

Feb 27
Here's the inspiration for today!!! Cutie-pattuti Manya on the right!
 photo 0227inspo_zps5977701a.jpg
 photo 0227coord_zpsfde93496.png

Phew! Done! Hope you liked/enjoyed maybe hated the coordinates!
 photo aiglcloser.gif
 photo tumblr_lzdfz0rNpD1qb1380.gif

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