Friday, October 12, 2012

Sushi Adventure!

This week I got to eat sushi!!! 
My friends were shocked that I've never had sushi before sooooo 8 of my friends kidnapped me once again to go to a sushi place near our campus ^_____^ It was delicioouuusss~~ I wish I got to take a picture of everyone's food but here's what I had :]
My-Nhu and Chris had a plate full of sushi ! lol
I tried fried green tea ice cream for the first time too! It was RIDICULOUSLY good lmao but I didn't get a pic of it so here's a generic picture from google hahahah

My hands were cramping up using chopsticks to eat rice, seriously I still haven't mastered eating rice with them like what the fuck hahah! I was sttuuuuufffed after all of that delicious food x___x
I had way too much fun with my insane friends! Ayya said we should totally make this a tradition between the 9 of us lol hopefully Alice can join us next time!!!

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