Monday, December 21, 2020

Cheers to New Projects & Content!

Hello Cuties~

     We're getting back into the swing of things here!  I have a cute and simple look for a daytime date to share with you all.  I got showered with compliments on this outfit during a quick visit to my job.  (*ノ∀`*)  

Rundown ♡

* coat - Rue 21
* top - Liz Lisa
* sukapan - Liz Lisa
* shoes - Hot Tomato
* beret - off brand
* earrings - Forever21

     A delicate himekaji look for the day~  My sweet Prince helped me put this outfit together too!  He said he really enjoys helping me pick things out (lol).  On this day it was pretty nice outside, I almost didn't need my coat.  It was a perfect date day!

     I'll admit it, at this point I missed circle lenses so much I edited them in.  (*μ_μ) loll  But it's all good, I have a few treats coming my way that I'm eager to share with you all!! (hint hint)

     By the way, the inspiration for this look comes from my tumblr archive.  I find the best stuff there!

     Some side topics  ⮞  I recently got addicted to doing my nails again!

     Gradient silver glitter nails~  My coworker, Stephanie, is a stylist / host of Color Street!  Color Street sells nail polish strips in a variety of designs and hues!  Once I tried them, I became hooked.  I own so many nail sets now (lol).  It's a quick and easy way to keep things cute!

     Speaking of nails, I seem to have been a little overambitious when I made this purchase.

     My very first dip-nail kit!  This took a while to come in, but I'm super excited to try it out!  I want to use this in combination with nails tips to get that "fresh acrylics" look . . . at least that's what I hope the outcome will be like.  My manager did it recently and her nails turned out flawless!

     There's one more purchase I want to share with you guys.

     I got a fancy new ring light!  Not sure if I ever admitted this before, but my previous ring light was one I made myself (lmao).  I'm in love with my new set up!! This means more content for both my blog and my youtube channel (that I've abandoned lol).  Cheers to new projects and content!

~ Love you x Amiman ~


  1. LOVE THIS LOOK. YOU ARE TOO CUTE. And that's adorable how Prince loves to be a part of it!
    Loving your nails!!!! Also can't wait to see what you do with those nail dip kits.

    1. I just might try it out next week! I have to dig for this motorized nail file I got years ago (☆_@) lol judging from what my manager said, I'm definitely going to need it!

      (っ˘ω˘ς ) GAH~ you're so sweet Kieli~ And omg I got a kick out of him really thinking hard on which top or hair accessory I should choose xD
      - Amiman♥